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I learned a lot through my volunteering process in the library during the first year. Then I tried my best to apply the rules and skills what I learned to give a hand to my team and let us work more efficiently in the following second and third year. Every year our library club will add some new members, and some students who worked in the last year will be asked to answer some questions from new members and tell them some experience like how to make “arranging books” be easier. I suggested my group members classify the books basically as the first step. To arrange the books people should know what the labels are working for. The label on the book can show if the book is fiction book or non-fiction book, paper book or French book, this is just the basic classification. And then people should follow the letters and numbers on the label to arrange books step by step. There is an amazing amount of books in our library, however, the books which need us to arrange are seldom which can be put closely. At this moment, we need to walk to other corresponding shelves to find their right position. One book is okay but if every book we need to spend same long time, much time is wasted. That’s why I suggested classifying basically as the first step and based on the fundamental classification then find some books which have close letters and numbers to put them together and let one member put them into the corresponding shelf. Each person is responsible for one shelf, and surprisingly it works very efficiently. The time we saved can be utilized to do some cleaning staff. To accomplish the teamwork with ease and have some good ideas at the right moment is the obvious advantages I gained after working in the library.  

Some people think working in the library is a very relaxed thing, however, it does not. In fact, be a volunteer in the library, I do not only need to arrange the books, I also need to help students and teachers to find the books they are looking for and sometimes I need to give my suggestions to them like which one is better. There is no doubt that communication is an essential skill people who are the volunteers working in the library should master. The most important thing people who work in the library need to know is the rules. Rules are placed in the library everywhere. Exactly because of this, everyone must memorize the methods to arrange books. It may sound very easily whereas it is very hard for most people at the beginning. It is hard because you need to arrange books carefully if one person put a book in a wrong position, others may follow that book to put other books next to it. In order to avoid this kind of thing happening, when I saw books in the wrong shelves, I will put them in the right position, even though sometimes this section may belong to other groups’ section, I do not need to do it. However, consequently, I have insisted remaining a volunteer in the library for the last two years, school’s library is a unique existence for me, to work with commitment becomes my daily habit. Although sometimes I went to the library just as the identity of a student when I saw the books were not in the right position I would arrange it.  
Another important lesson from the library work I learned was to serve the clientele in a friendly professional manner. I was often exhausted because my time in the library was on weekdays. However, I noticed that the teacher who led me was always friendly and approachable. Since then, I have modelled my own attitude at work on hers. 

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This activity let me know the value of serving others. Even though at the beginning I was often exhausted after finishing the volunteer activity, when I organized the books neatly, I’m very delighted that people in my school can pick the books the books they are looking for easily. Over the past 2 years my teamwork and initiative in the library has taught me how to work efficiently. In this way, our team saved much time to finish our mission. Both of these skills are necessary to my future life like it can support me to study at Ivey which demands this ability strongly. I am very willing to contribute an effort on the Ivey’s construction.  

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