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I also explored the topic of the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang was a topic that I had JUST heard of, but after going through various websites and watching some videos, my knowledge of what the theory was increased a lot. I always wanted to know what exactly this theory was, which is why I decided to do this as one of my extra credit topics.In the simplest terms, the Big Bang Theory, is the best and most popular explanation for how the universe was created. It tells us what happened in the very beginning of the universe and what happened over the course of the 13.8 billion years of life.According to the Big Bang Theory, in the first second after the universe was formed, the temperature of the universe was 10 billion degrees fahrenheit or 5.5 billion degrees celsius. The cosmos(universe as a whole) contained a large amount of fundamental particles that consisted of electrons, neutrons, and protons. These particles joined or got decomposed as the cosmos got cooler. For example, the neutrons either decayed into protons and electrons or combined with an isotope of hydrogen to form deuterium. As it continued to cool, it would finally reach a certain temperature, to where electrons combined with nuclei and formed neutral atoms. Before all of this happened, the Universe was opaque because the free electrons cause light to scatter, but when the free electrons were absorbed to form neutral atoms, the Universe became transparent. All of these things are the aftermath of the Big Bang, also known as cosmic background radiation, which can still be observed by scientists today. In-fact, NASA has launched two missions to study the cosmic background radiation.Although, there are some common misconceptions of the Big Bang Theory that people have today. One is that we tend to imagine the Big Bang as a giant explosion but it is the exact opposite actually. Experts say that there was no explosion, in-fact there was (and continues today) to be an expansion. Another common misconception is that we think it was a fireball in space. But many scientists say that, space didn’t even exist prior/before the Big Bang. In-fact, time and space had a fixed beginning that resulted to the origin of matter and energy. It didn’t appear in space, instead space began inside of the Big Bang. Before the Big Bang, nothing existed. For example, not space, time, matter, or even energy existed. Even today, scientists are still unsure about where it came from, why it’s here, or even where it is.The only thing we know for a fact is that we are inside of it and at one point it didn’t exist.In conclusion, I think that the Big Bang Theory is a very interesting topic that everyone should know. We all should know about the most popular theory that states how and why the universe started, which is why I chose that as my topic for this essay. I learnt a lot of things that I had no clue about, and now I am craving to learn more about this vast topic.

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