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believe my passion for nursing significantly increased when my grandmother took
sick in 2015. Most of my time was spent taking care of her with my older
cousin, who is a nurse. Through my cousin’s explanations, I understood the
cause of my grandmother’s stroke and ways we would have to take care of her.
After having to assist bathing her, giving her medication and injections,
changing her dressing and feeding her, I can truly say that my grandmother’s
ailment not only helped me to be empathetic but to be diligent in my career

taking care of my grandmother was extremely gratifying, I am especially eager
and determined to assist in the well being of mothers, babies and their
families from the antenatal through postnatal stages. For this reason, I plan
to specialize in midwifery. Based on my research, character and job
experiences, I know this career will not only be hands-on but gives me the
privilege to support and empower women about their health and lifestyles. I
want to be a part of that process as I interact directly with mother, baby and
family and each stage; from antenatal care to labor, birth and postpartum care.
I believe that I possess good qualities of a midwife where my calm yet quick
reaction, would not only help the mother and family to put their trust in me
but to feel comfortable in any situation. As I pursue to further my knowledge
in this field, I cannot help but think of the many factors that contributed to
my current insight and skills.

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interest in nursing led me to apply for several positions in the medical field.
After finishing school, I had the opportunity to work at the Princess Alexandra
Hospital, as part of the end of year job placement programme. I was first
placed in the Admissions Department but I really started to enjoy the work once
I was moved to the Radiology Department. There I was exposed to patients’
files, diagnostic images and how x-rays and ultrasounds were done. Just last
year, I was employed at one of Anguilla’s private clinics, Hughes Medical Center,
as the files clerk. Although I was not directly involved in nursing, I was
exposed to patients’ laboratory results, diagnostic images, surgery notes and
medical history. I can truly say that the doctors and nurses played an immense
role through their inspiration and encouragement as they continuously assisted
me in my career choice. Currently, I am employed as a nursing aide at the
Princess Alexandra Hospital, where I’ve had several opportunities to assist and
observe the midwives during the antenatal to postnatal stage which included
monitoring, screening, giving emotional support to the mother and family
throughout the delivery. Throughout these job experiences I have exercised
confidentiality, punctuality and good team work ethic as my medical knowledge
was significantly expanded and my interpersonal skills were developed through
daily face-to-face interaction with coworkers and patients.

believe that even jobs that were not directly related to nursing equipped me
for the field, for instance, teaching from 2014 to 2016,  I observed that the same patience and one on
one care that I gave to my students should be applied to patients as well. Just
as each student has a unique attribute and some may be more complex than
others, so too should I approach each patient according to their individual
needs. I exercised flexibility, physical endurance, problem solving skills and
paid keen attention to detail as a teacher, which are all pertinent
characteristics for midwifery.

some of my extra-curricular activities taught me things I can apply to nursing
such as the Duke of Edinburgh Programme, Tae Kwon Do Club and History Cub. I
actively participated in community and physical activities as well as travelled
and learned discipline and the value of good leadership skills. I have always
enjoyed interacting with others and my hope is to make that a lifelong reality
through Midwifery.

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