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of India 

India has made a lot of progress in the field
of Science and technology. It ranks third in the production of wheat in the
World it had advanced a lot in the fashion sector, Entertainment sector etc.
it’s achievement are being globally recognized today and can we say that our
India is a developed country but not with full confident that is the only
weakest point of the people of the India here I would like to initiate my idea
of India as a developed country, as students we must respect our motherland and
do our duties towards her by contributing for making India a fully developed
country in every possible way first think is that we should not misuse
education which is one of the weapons to fight against all the odds affecting
our country. We must inculcate in the fellow being the ideals of secularism,
humanism and Universal brotherhood, it would teach them the dignity of labor
and enable them to live Harmony and Peace. There should be universal,
compulsory and free education to all children up to secondary level every Indian
child would have to study atlases up to a minimum prescribed level this would
ensure total literacy in India. Science India is a land of lakhs of villages;
the Government should set up the vast Network of small Scale and cottage
industries to utilize the vast natural resources and man power of this nation.
This will help to generate employment and the income will be more, thus poverty
will vanish. To stop the population explosion, family planning and welfare unit
should be set up all over the nation. Doctors, nurses and social worker should
be sent to remote villages to explain even to the most illiterate why family
planning is the crying need of the hour Above all we must take the people into
confidence and make them work hard for the country. In this way our India will
one day indeed be one of the developed nations & on the earth, we educate
ourselves properly, think correctly and develop qualities of integrity,
sincerity and selflessness in public life.

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Key characteristics that India needs to implement

In terms of
infrastructure, India should have 24×7 availability of high quality utility
services like water and power. A robust transport system that emphasizes on
public transport is also a key element. In social infrastructure, the cities
should provide opportunities for jobs and livelihoods for its inhabitants.

India should
also have proper facilities for entertainment and the safety and security of
the people. State-of-the-art health and education facilities are also a must.
India should minimize waste by increasing energy efficiency and reducing water
conservation. Proper recycling of waste materials must be done in such cities



India is now in the trend of rape. Every day in the paper we read at
least an average of 2 incidents of rape. There has been no reduction in these
cases. Men attempting do not fear of anything. Single punishment for rape
should be “Death”. Men should be scared even to touch a women when this is the
case. Any kind of eve teasing should also have severe punishments to avoid any
sexual harassment.


Black Money – In India, Black money refers to funds earned on the black
market, on which income and other taxes have not been paid. The total amount of
black money deposited in foreign banks by Indians is unknown. Some reports
claim a total exceeding US$1.4 trillion are stashed in Switzerland. If every
Indian takes up the responsibility to pay the Real tax promptly and
effectively, the money which is supposed to be utilized for India development
will be utilized efficiently and India do not have to look forward from other
World Organizations.


Similar to UK, USA and other western countries, India must implement
improvised National Minimum Wages Act and make the employers follow it
strictly. No citizen must work less than a certain amount of daily wages. This
will benefit towards the country’s development in many ways. Currently we do
have Minimum Wages Act 1948 which is not effectively
followed by the employers.

The local village or panchayat or colony or ward knows which the best
decision for them is, in terms of electricity/roads/farming/dams. They should
be given fair right to make that decision. Centralizing it is like trying to
“fit one size for all”. Also, it will reduce the corruption as funds are not
centralized in one place.


Public Health care are not as effective as private health care. And the
private health care is not affordable for every being in India. Government
should take extensive measures of having effective and affordable public health
care which is accessible at every part of India


Again a difficult task to look forward. Nowadays every product we use is
a foreign product, sometimes we do not realise which is Indian product and
which is foreign made. As NarendraModi says, if we use and purchase only Indian
products for a span of 90 days, the value of 1 US $ will be equal to 1 Rupee


Government is bringing up multiple plans to make India a developed country,
however everything in vain. This is due the stage where the implementation of
such plans are not effective. Major reason is due to corruption and scams. If
the plans proposed are implemented successfully as expected, India will become
a developed country soon.


India’s economy is organized chaos. People looking in can
tell that companies are doing well and citizens are thriving, but in a
cash-heavy economy it’s hard to know for sure.On 8 November 2016, an unexpected announcement by Prime Minister NarendraModi opened the door for the government
to start measuring its economic activities. By demonetizing the largest rupee
notes, Modi placed tremendous emphasis on digital transaction. He advocated the
use of platforms such as Paytm; he spoke about using credit and debit cards;
yet again he nudged citizens to open bank accounts. He was pushing the country
into a new era, where formal transactions and accurate data points would allow
the government an objective insight into the financial health of the country
and the ability to design suitable policies.

These are the key characteristics that
I would like to see India implement in the near future


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