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As Jim and Bob came running down the boulevard, they saw an elderly women struggling with carrying her groceries into her house. She had been hard of hearing, so Jim had to repeat himself about three times until she understood what they were saying. She mumbled, “Thank you so very much for extending an olive branch to a helpless women like me. ” The old woman wound up giving them a little tip for helping her without her asking. Since they are young, and have never seen her before they did not respond to her because their parents told them not to speak to trangers.

Once they started to walk, they kept on looking back because they were interested in what she would do. They were both very excited to make a few dollars, so they started to think about an idea about this. After they went home and to sleep because it was late, they were beginning to get ready to go to school. They were both very excited to tell all their friends about what happened, so on the car ride to school they could not stop smiling with excitement. As, they sprinted through the doors, they went straight to tell their friends, and were oping that they would all Jump on the bandwagon.

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However, most of their friends did not get excited until they heard there was money involved. Later that day, all of Jim and Bob’s friends went out to go help elderly people. They finally found an old man struggling to carry his shopping bags in, so all of the kids ran over to help. The old man allowed for the kids to help, but all he said was thanks without a tip, so all the kids flew off the handle. Their friend Jack got so mad that he threw a rock at the old man’s house out of his anger.

He turned around, and he old man started to chase him until he was saved by the bell because there was a nearby trail that only small people could fit in. Ever since they did not get a tip, they stopped going around to help old people. Now since Jack got scared out of his mind, he calls the old man’s house the point of no return because he is convinced that if the old man got him he would have never returned home. Finally, given that Jim and Bob were the only two to ever get a tip they still go around town to see if anybody needs help even to this very day. Idiom Short Story By TreeTreeTreeTree

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