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  If you find yourself matching your nails to your outfits daily, or always in the mirror trying to create a new hairstyle. Then you might have a hidden talent that a cosmetology program would be a perfect fit for.Now, there is an opportunity to graduate from high school as a licensed cosmetologist acknowledged by the Texas State Board. There are no requirements to get accepted into the program, but it is highly suggested to have a passion for beauty. To apply for the program, you must go to your counselor to sign up, and then they will review your grades, conduct and attendance from your Freshman and Sophomore years to determine if you are a great fit for the program. Then, once you get accepted into the program you are expected to continue maintaining good grades and attendance along with meeting the required clock hours. If you decided to wait to take this program after graduation, one could be expected to pay $10k+ in tuition and fees. But, if you take advance of this opportunity while in high school, then you would only have to pay a fraction of that price or apply to get sponsored.    In order to be considered a professional cosmetologist, one must complete a total of 1000 clock hours while still enrolled in high school plus take a didactic and hands-on exam. The clock hour requirements go up to 1500 if taken  outside of high school. Once you pass the two-part exam you will be considered a licensed beauty professional eligible to legally work anywhere within the state of Texas. If one takes this program while actively enrolled in high school, it will take a total of two consecutive years to complete the program- which is generally taken during your Junior and Senior years. The cosmetology program is set to prepare one to be a subject matter expert in all things related to hair, skin and nails plus the basics of good customer service and basic business management. Of all the subjects examined in the cosmetology program hair care/styling is the most extensively studied subject.   In conclusion, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this amazing opportunity while your enrolled in high school. Doing so could save A LOT of time and money, plus you would be considered a licensed beauty professional and would be eligible to work anywhere within the state of Texas right after graduation OR as soon as you pass your exams. Not all high schools offer this program, so if you have access to apply for the cosmetology program then I wouldn’t let this opportunity pass you by. Having a beauty license could be the start to a very promising career. Studies show that the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and always changing. So there will always be clients to service and money to make, but why waste being stuck in school after graduation? Make the smarter choice to get ahead by signing up as soon as you qualify as a sophomore. Thank me later.      

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