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I’m basic. That girl that sits behind you in math class is basic. The girl rocking out to Taylor Swift’s Reputation album next to you at the signal is basic. And we shouldn’t be ashamed of these things but sadly, we all are. We all sneak into the Starbucks before school to buy a PSL and watch make-up tutorial on how to get the perfect smokey eye late at night in our dark rooms. We all secretly wish we could start a youtube channel or create a fashion/lifestyle/cooking blog. And yes we all get seasonal depression whether we happily admit it or not. Although I think I’d rather jump into a pool full of week old uneaten acai bowls than swipe up on that cable knit sweater, we’re all wondering where that perfectly styled fashion instagrammer got her sweater and we gotta buy it for our fall photoshoot somehow! We’re all here, the photographers, the fangirls, the swipe righters, the gym chicks, the models, the ones who really “just wanna watch christmas movies and make gingerbread houses with bae.” And whether we all admit it or not we are the definition of the “Basic White Girl.” Just walk past a group of girls standing around at break and you will hear complaining about how they were going to look cute but then decided to hit snooze and throwing the word “literally” around like, literally, every two words. We talk to our classmates about how we hate that our friends are so perf and that we can’t seem to get a boyfriend even though we are so totally better than Stacy and her bf. We whine to our friends over facetime about why boys are so dumb and how we were totally swooning at our grocery store clerk because he was obviously over six foot. On a Thursday afternoon you can hear almost any basic girl talking about how “hangry” she is and that she just needs to skip 7th to go buy her double rainbro rebel with light ice and blackberry drizzle. We talk about how that celebrity is so totally “body goals” and gossip about how Selena and Justin are so totally perfect for eachother. With the title of “Basic White Girl” comes the common behaviors between us all. We all love our Lululemon leggings and Victoria’s Secret pullovers, and black, down Patagonia jackets. Of course we enjoyed Pitch Perfect from the minute the first one was released and can still execute the cup song flawlessly without missing a beat. We watched every episode of Riverdale and ship Betty and Jughead harder than our best friend and her boyfriend. The blogger inside of all of us is compelled to bring our camera with us everywhere, especially to the corn mazes and beaches, needing to the get perfect shot so we can PR on Instagram. “All Star” by Smash mouth comes on and you already know we’ll all be screaming every last word of that entire song. We all have a longing to get eyelash extensions not because we’re high maintenance like so many think, but so we can get that extra 15 minutes of sleep every morning. We will never stop talking about our trip to Europe and about how when we turn 18 we’re gonna get matching moon and sun tattoos with our besties. And we most definitely will be tweeting “Milk and Honey” quotes ruthlessly after our boyfriend breaks up with us. Our one goal is to is to live our best life. But unlike everyone else in the world trying to live their best lives, we have our own special way of going about it. We go to yoga because we believe it will release all those endorphins without actually having to go running. We believe in finding other little coffee shops instead of Starbucks so we can post a snap of our PSL without getting ruled as a “basic biotch.” We believe that Forever 21 and Brandy Melville is the best way to go forever and always when buying those many, many different versions of the same striped t shirt. Our attitude towards Mean Girls and Legally Blonde is indifferent and will never cease to love them. And while others may believe that the best way to figure out if your boyfriend is cheating on you is to actually, you know, ask him, we believe that the only way to know for sure is to take a Buzzfeed quiz or two. Have you ever seen a post of a girl in a bikini on the beach with the location tag reading “Santa Cruz, California” with the caption “really missing summer when times were simpler”? Of course you have, one pops up on your feed daily. But we really don’t actually miss summer, we just wanted an excuse to post a picture of us on the beach. When a girl’s instagram caption is Taylor Swift lyrics, what she is really trying to communicate is that she misses her sophomore year boyfriend and really wants to get back with him even though she would never admit it. When we post a picture of us laughing we caption it “dysfunctional” because we thought we looked really pretty but captioning it “dysfunctional” will get us more comments. We DM friends when she has a really cute pair of Birkenstocks and want to get a pair of our own. We subtweet that girl in our English class when she tweets her “new avi” and her highlight is poppin’. We communicate through means of social media whether that be Instagram or Twitter and when one of us tweets Taylor Swift lyrics we know that she is going through something and should be picked up to go on a drive immediately. Ways of knowing if maybe one of the girls in your ceramics class is basic or not is simple. We have rose gold iPhones, miss Vine a little too much, obsess over Harry Styles, make jokes about how we look like potatoes even though we know we look good because we spent an hour the night before planning out our outfit, and we ALL want justice for Barb. Of course we get criticism from the older generations. “Why are you going to Chipotle a third time this week?”  “Don’t you have enough pairs of striped shirts already?” They have their things and we have ours.Maybe everyone else has their own version of “basic” but all of the basic white girls, you know who you are, are one in the same from our actions to our way of communicating. And until Vine comes back, Barb gets justice, and we can all master the art of the smize, you better believe that we’re planning on sticking together. Commenting heart eyes on all of your selfies and smashing that subscribe button is in our blood. We all grew up on the same Disney channel so it seems only fitting that we create bonds as tight as Miley and Lilly’s until the end of our days.

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