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In this
modern era, the position of women and men is not something worth debating
anymore. Women are no longer regarded as a figure who is in charge of taking
care of children, husbands, and households only. Today, women have the same
rights as men to get a higher education and also for their career.

The role of working women has changed throughout the world due to economic
conditions and social demands.

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At the
present working world, to balance between career and personal life has always
been a challenge especially for career woman. Employees spend most of their
time inside their organization leaving less time to take care of their personal
and family needs especially people who work in healthcare industry. Career woman is the one of those who are
finding themselves in a dilemma involving choice between family and
occupational advancement.

Healthcare professionals
always struggle to get work-life balance right. This is because their
professions generally seen as a vocational career, not just a job. The nature
role of being a healthcare provider is that they are often caught in a conflict
between caring for patients and caring for themselves. It is important to healthcare
providers to create work-life balance practice for their worker to improve
their productivity and also job satisfaction. Work-life balance practice is
organizational changes programs or organizational culture that are designed in
order to reduce work-life conflict and enable employees to be more effective at
work and in other roles (Laz?r, Osoian, & Ra?iu, 2010). 

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