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In William Golding’s novel Lord Of The Flies, the author describes Simon, Piggy, and Ralph, as noble characters. Some of the traits that make them noble are their loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, selflessness, and open-mindedness. Golding shows the reader that people who are noble are more likely to get hurt. This can be seen through the characters Simon, Piggy, and Ralph.   As we get to know Simon we quickly discover that his character is loyal and selfless. This can be seen in chapter 3 as he is the only one that helps Ralph build huts for the younger children, “They’re hopeless. The older ones aren’t much better. D’you see? All day I’ve been working with Simon. No one else.” (pg 51). He also shows selfless by giving his meat to Piggy on page 78. Therefor Jack didn’t offer Piggy any meat.  Even though Simon was a noble character he is killed in chapter 9. During one of the night, Simon is coming down the mountain when it was dark outside. Jack is having a feast and he invites Ralph and his group to join him. Shortly after they all saw a shadowy figure coming out of the forest and they all thought it is the beast coming out of the forest but none of them couldn’t recognize it was Simon. All the boys expect Ralph and Piggy started attacking the beast and acting  like animals. On page 173, Ralph said “You were outside. Outside the circle. You never really came in. Didn’t you see what we-what they did?”. Through Ralph and Piggy’s eyes, it looks like Jack and his hunters were acting like savages. Piggy was open-minded because Simon got killed by the savages. Ralph couldn’t believe that they actually killed Simon. Piggy said to Ralph “it was an accident” (pg 173). Piggy didn’t want Ralph to overthink about it, this why Piggy decided not to talk about Simon anymore.  Piggys character is described as a Wiseman. He is full of ideas which he is happy to share with everyone else. It was Piggy’s idea to use the conch as a signal, “He used to blow it and then his mum would come. It’s ever so valuable.” pg 11. He also had ideas for building a clock (pg 67) which the other boys criticized him for. He also suggested that the first thing they should do is build shelters (pg 45). The boys like to tease and make fun of Piggy because of the way he looks and his asthma, regardless of his usefulness to the group and loyalty to Ralph. At the beginning of Lord Of The Flies, the author described piggy as a fat boy. Piggy trusts Ralph and tells him that he has asthma, but Ralph makes fun of it and he also tells everyone Piggy has ass-mar and boys made fun of it. During one of the Jack takes advantage of Piggy by stealing his glasses and thinks he can’t fight back because he has poor eyesight and weight problems. In chapter 11 Piggy tries to bring order to the group, “A great clamor rose among the savages. Piggy shouted again. “Which is better –to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?”,” Roger responds by knocking off a large piece of rock which hits Piggy and sending him off the cliff to his death. Pg 200. Even though Piggy was wise and loyal but he is killed. From the beginning of the book, Ralph was the leader of the group. It started when he blew the conch and everyone gathered together for the first time (page 12). Everyone voted him to be the leader. Ralph organized the building of the shelters and it was his idea to keep the fire going 24/7 (page 37). He also took the responsibility of protecting others. During one of the nights Maurice, Roger, and Jack decided to sneak into Ralph’s huts and tried to scare them by using a deep voice that they can’t  identify. The twins wake up instantly and cling on to each other because they got scared. Eric got his knee up and kicked someone in the genitalia. Piggy got beat up pretty badly. Couple minutes after Ralph realize that Piggy’s glasses were missing from his head. Ralph saw jack is running toward his hut “From his left hand dangled Piggy’s broken glasses.” (pg 186). Ralph figured out that it was Jack and his team who is behind this scheme. This demonstrates that Jack couldn’t care what he has to do to other people to get what he wants.  Right from the beginning, there is a rivalry between Ralph and jack. Shortly after Ralph is chosen as the leader, Jack disagrees with Ralph’s rule, therefore, he starts his own group. Jack said ”   pg 85     This rivalry get worse throughout the story until Jack start hunting Ralph (page 209) and turns everyone against him. Jack lights the forest on fire to drive Ralph out so he can kill him. But instead the smoke attracts the rescuer and they all are saved. Ralph is a noble character and is a good leader but they still tried to kill him.     I think the characters Simon, PIggy, and Ralph is noble. Simon helps Ralph to build all the huts for the children’s when they didn’t feel like it and he offered some meant to piggy because he didn’t get any. Piggy suggest some ideas such as they should build shelters, use the conch as a signal and building a clock, and he tries to bring order to Jack’s group. Ralph was the person who blew the conch and everyone gathered together for the first time. Ralph was the leader of the group. He decided to have the fire going 24/7. He also organizes the building the shelters. These characters showed that they are loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, selflessness, and open-mindedness. These characters skills are valuable and not that many people have these skills. Jack took advantage of these characters to his needs. He didn’t hesitate even for a second to remember we all are human and have the same goals in the end. Jacks goals were to have the most power on this island. But he didn’t care who will get hurt or die. He only cared about himself.

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