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In our society, it has become a daily practice to compare ourselves to the mainstream media models and celebrities. The media is responsible for creating the ideals people have about beauty and body image. Women and men spend countless hours looking at unrealistic images of people with flawless hair, ultra skinny bodies, and unblemished skin through instagram, television, and magazines. As a result, social media causes people to have negative body image which often leads to psychological effects, low self esteem and body related issues. When watching events such as the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and seeing what the media portrays as the “perfect” body, it encourages women to go to extremes to get their bodies to look like that. Social media depicts the ideal woman to be one who is toned, has the best curves and everything that is pleasing to the eye of the society. However, women need to realize that when looking at social media, they are the beholder of their own beauty and beauty is only what they make it themselves. A quote states “People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder,” (Hayek). Despite these factors, women still try and compare themselves to women who are falsely portrayed through media. But in actuality this just causes women to feel pressure from the media to look like that and push their bodies to extremes with diets and insane weight loss programs. Things like these can result in serious body issues such as eating disorders. Social media needs to instead advertise all shapes and sizes to that women feel perfect in their own skin.The glamorization of slim bodies in media images increase the chance of women of all ages to feel pressured to look a certain way. Feeling as if one wasn’t perfect compared to what society believes can cause many psychological effects. In a recent study, it showed that depression had gone hand in hand with eating disorders due to body image. In this study female students were given a questionnaire in order to see how negatively impacted they were because of body image. For instance the study stated “that 65.5% (n=135) of the students were depressed and 6.3% (n=13) were susceptible to eating disorders.”. This shows that there is a strong relationship between body image and depression. Despite what many people think that depression is not caused by advertisements that try to appeal to society’s view of perfect, they are wrong because it does. Everyday young girls and even women look at social media and become disappointed in themselves because they do not feel as if they were as desirable or attractive as ideals plastered throughout the pages of a magazine. Actions like these lead to the development of depression or low self confidence.As one looks at those people, they want to look like they start to put them own selves down and start to find any flaw they can. “I think being a women in this society, it’s sort of impossible to not be aware of the pressures there are around appearance, around weight, around trying to always look a certain way”. Women always have some way they feel that they are supposed to be or this stereotypical way we have to look. With this kind of expectation on anyone’s shoulders, one begins to have lower self esteem. Women are almost always stereotypically seen to have to be feminine as in have makeup on, wear dresses or have hair done. This is all depicted through social media on covers of magazines where you see a celebrity dressed girly from head to toe with lots of makeup on and being perfect. However, this is not the case every women is different, they all dress differently, act differently. It is unfair for women to have a lower self esteem due to the fact that they are not seen as the norm.Body image is known to be people’s own judgment about their own bodies, it is created when people compare themselves to others.Women and young girls stare at millions of media images a week posted by the “prettiest” or the most “perfect” women in the industry in which they compare themselves to. Once they begin comparing themselves they soon to have psychological effects, low self esteem or body related issues. Social media needs to begin to stop putting down those for not being the “ideal” image of what someone is supposed to look like but start to praise everyone for just the way they are.

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