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In Colorado Springs hidden within Cheyenne Mountain core are “housing units of the North American Aerospace Command, the Air Force Space Command, and the United States Space Command”. Qualifying the mountain as one of the “nations most important military installations”, closed to the public the heavily guarded facility engages in extreme security measures. Yet, in the United States, a random pizza delivery boy can pass through the “top secret, underground combat operation center” with ease (Introduction, 1). Due to fast food corporations “infiltrating every nook and cranny of American society.” the public is now in danger from the weak government officials. U.S government official’s  who’s soft spot for fast food betrays their duty, thus transforming our “protectors” into puppets on a string, manipulated by corporations. This soft spot demonstrates how the nation has perished, as civilians are unknowingly placed potentially in harm’s way over an addiction miraged as love for fast food (Introduction, 3) “And should Armageddon come” our civilization will be remembered as obese weak minded individuals displayed by “hardened crust of Cheesy Bread, Barbeque Wing bones, and the red, white and blue of a Domino’s pizza box (Introduction, 2). Decades ago Colorado Springs was a simplex suburban county, nicknamed “Little London” the “sleepy tourist town” was established as a playground for the offspring of the wealthy. However, during the Great Depression tourism plummeted only to arise during World War II, as Colorado Springs soon became financially dependent on “military spending”. Generating an exponential growth in population as it doubled over a few decades (Behind the Counter, 61). Although the city’s local economy is now more diverse, the majority of jobs are derived from military spending, but despite the hold, the military has over Colorado Spring the restaurant industry is still the “largest private employer in the state” presently (Behind the Counter, 65). Schlosser’s utilization of Colorado Springs is to display the “neat” parallels of Colorado Springs and the fast food industry as he stated,”I chose Colorado Springs as a focal point for this book because the changes that have recently swept through the city are emblematic of those that fast food- and the fast food mentality” (Introduction,7). Correspondingly, “suburban communities” across the globe illustrate the same story, thus fabricating a common ground among readers, allowing them to think “that is us”. Furthermore, the author’s intention of combining fast food industries and Colorado Springs can be interpreted as a scare tactic to wake the audience into awareness, revealing the monster is already present in America but society is too ignorant to see it. In addition, to display the ugly actions of fast food corporations Schlosser provides an example from the derived from the community. “In 1993 District 11 in Colorado Springs started a nationwide trend, becoming the first public school district in the United States to place ads” in their hallway. In doing so the school received a check to aid with the minimal funding provided for school budgets. However, this type of advertising revokes the student’s choices for they are brainwashed by the ad every day becoming a ” captive audience” as they are “compelled by law to attend school… forced to look at ads as a means of paying for their own education.” (Your Trusted Friends, 53). Rather than aid school districts by donating funds helping themselves in tax deductibles corporations exploit a school’s desperate need for money as their gain. Throwing away a child’s education over a couple dollars in comparison to what they already have. In conclusion, the author incorporation of Colorado Springs and the fast food industry is to establish an environment of familiarity. Thus allowing readers for an alarming and essential wake up call from reality. Granting them a new set of eyes to see the world for what it has become, a slave under the corporation’s feet.  

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