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                 In today’s world cancer has
become one of the major subject of concern despite of large no of therapeutic
drug available. To fight against the cancer cell, a number of strategies like
surgery, chemotherapy, photo-thermal therapy are developed and improved. In
current scenario growth of metastatic cancer cell and multidrug resistance
(MDR) became the major challenge to the cancer biologist. Various strategies
are made to encounter the multidrug resistance of cancer cell. A member of ABC
family which includes P-glycoprotein are commonly present in drug resistance
cell and are well known to efflux drug out of the cancer cell making them drug
resistance. The other alternative approach for multidrug resistance is to
synthesis anti apoptotic protein. Survivin is one of such anti apoptotic
protein which inhibit the caspases 3 and caspases 9 of the apoptosis pathway. Survivin
also used as a biomarker in many types of drug resistance cancer cell. Various
compounds with antisense oligonucleotide, transcriptional repressor and
immunotherapy are developed as Survivin inhibition and is now in phase I/II of clinical
trials. YM155, GDP366, FL188 are some of the transcriptional repressor drug for
Survivin inhibition that are obtained through high throughput sequencing. For a
better drug delivery, there is still a need for a improvement in developing reliable
and efficient delivery of the drug such that it reach to the target site with
high therapeutic index.

                  With the dawn of
nanotechnology the cancer therapeutics and diagnostic value has improved
drastically. Nanomaterial such as polymer, liposomes, carbon nanotubes,
dendrimers, metals such as iron oxide and gold has been vividly employed for
anticancer drug delivery. Conjugation of nanomaterial not only increases
therapeutic index but also enhance the anticancer property of the drug.
Nanomaterial conjugate to Survivin inhibitors like GDP366, FL188 or YM155 can
help to bypass the MDR of cancer cell.

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