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In recent action of the state, California
has allowed anyone over the age of 21 to be able to use Marijuana recreationally.
With this new law there has been the exception of having a marijuana medical
card to use this ONLY for medical purposes. All being said, the Petaluma school
District has proposed a new plan to anyone who decides to participate in any
type of after school extra-curricular, to be required to take a drug test.


The after school activities are still
related to the school and if anything were to happen then that school would be
held reliable. Having the new proposal by the school district, it has the
ability to make the school a cleaner and more safe environment around drugs. But
there is a downside for this as well. There are kids that are very ill and rely
on the amount of substance needed to keep them stable in order to get through
the day. As well as if there are kids on this team that are all-state,
all-county, all-American athletes then, what would the teams do without them if
those special kids were to be kicked off of the team. These medical cards will
make it very difficult for the administration to determine whether it is correct
or not to punish kids with medical cards.

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Being drug tested can cause a sense of
security to the students and can limit the problem for other students. The feeling
of safety not only by their school but by the parents who are sending their
kids to these schools, making it a safer environment and community for everyone.
Although it can make those in the community feel safe, those who are being drug
tested may feel a sense of violation in student rights. But looking at the bigger
picture, the feeling of your rights being violated is worth the cost of stopping
the drug use where your life could end and then there would be no rights for
anyone to violate.


Those who are using drugs put themselves
at risk and possibly risk not having the ability to graduate or if used to
much, then to have a life either. I have personally seen what drugs can do to someone
first hand and to be see how just the smallest test can turn into an addiction
is sad. Just “trying” it, can cause someone to become an abusive user and eventually
kill someone from the inside out. Using drug tests will be able to identify the
problem hopefully sooner than later and be able to find a solution/alternative
for the user.


In conclusion, there are more questions
than answers to the drug policy for extracurricular activities but the good can
only come from the bad. Positively speaking on the drug test behalf, detecting
the substance and the deterrence is better used if taken seriously sooner than
later, also helping to more along the process of rehabilitation. Negatively
speaking, some may feel a sense of violation in their privacy, causing the death
of one if using too much, and the worst is to falsely accuse someone of using
or having a problem with drugs if they really don’t. 

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