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        In her essay “The Flight From
Conversation,” Sherry Turkle focuses not on how people in our society like to
use Technologies to connect from each other instead of communicating through
conversation but on how people confused conversation and walked into an
illusion world that they felt more comfortable to stay in. She states that
people in our society are “alone together”, they focus on own world, and loyal
to their own party. In contrast, Sherry Turkle argues that no matter how
convenience people chat on digital devices, they cannot substitute for face to
face conversation. Turkle’s argument is convincing because of the real life
examples, word choices, tone and moral approach she used in her writing. By viewing
the important status of face to face conversation in our society, Turkle’s
argument on why we should do face to face conversation instead of texting or
reading email is persuasive and successful at bringing awareness to its

        Turkle’s use of people’s perspective on
digital device in the beginning of the article attracts readers in an intimate
way. In her first paragraph, Turkle get readers’ attention by stating that “At
home, families sit together, texting and reading e-mail. We text during classes
and when we’re on dates.” As the reader read it, I could tell that this is what
the readers do on their daily life, Turkle just catch the reader’s point and
know what they think in the first few sentences. Similarly, in the third
paragraph, she also gives the fact that people like to stay in a place where
they like to be and the place where they think is interesting. Turkle really
understand people who like to use digital device to connect, so he starts her
writing by saying what people tend to think about communicating with
technologies today. In this way, it is really an effective way to connect
people in Turkle’s point of view in the first place.

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        One of the ways that “The Flight From Conversation”
is persuasive to the reader is by bringing in the personal experience and real
life examples. Turkle gives example like “A businessman no longer has colleague
at work”, “doesn’t want to interrupt”, “showing up on the job wearing
earphones” and “the office is quiet”. A businessman do not have any workmates
because they don’t really want to interrupt each other while using email.
Nowadays, young people like to wear earphone to a formal occasion such as work
place. What’s more, an office which gather a lot of people in it becomes a
quiet place that no one want to break the quiet environment. All of these
examples Turkle gives help us understand what people do in our society today. I
suddenly realize how focus we are when we are on our laptops and phones. The
author first states the real life examples of using digital device to connect,
and then she argues about the negative impacts on people by using mobile

        Turkle argues that no matter how Email,
Facebook have valuable places in politics, commerce and friendship, and these
things cannot replace real life conversation. The author uses comparison to
prove her points, she first says that posting and texting can always be edited
or deleted if we want, for example she writes “Retouch: The voice, the flesh,
the face, the body. Not too much, not too little—just right.”  By using phones, we can do anything on our
pictures or post something that is not true. This sentence give the readers an
impression of what they usually do when they texting and posting information
online. Then Turkle starts to lead the readers into the real world of
conversation by telling the readers that the conclusion she made through her 15
years’ studied. Turkle says that “But it’s a process in which we shortchange
ourselves. Worse, it seems that over time we stop caring, we forgot that there
is a difference.” The author tries to say that all of these editing action we
do is a way that the reader lie to themselves. The real conversation cannot be
cleaned up with technology. The author’s argument is widely relevant because Turkle
gives the facts that how people use technology and then tell that online
conversation is just a delusion. This comparison really helps Turkle to explain
how conversation is being sacrificed for communication.

        Turkle doesn’t appear to be bias to particular
side in the article. The readers can definitely tell that Turkle tries to make
more people to start face to face conversation, but she doesn’t force anyone to
stop using digital devices. 

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