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In this world of fashion, when you actually think of the term fashion you fall short of ideas. You want to prove yourself to be the best among all but no idea from where to start? For me accessories are just like the perfect icing on top of the cake. They always add a value addition to once, plain or raw garment by adding lot of colors. Somehow changes once personality. Accessories can be seen anyway out whether a hairclip, shoe, handbag, nail paint, shawls, belts. They give a person an opportunity to look different, with loads of variations.Lot many times when i have to talk about my clothes i personally like layering for e.g.  Wearing palazzos with kurtis/ tunics of contrast color and a shrug with a nice piece of choker or earrings, nobody can stop to take a glance of you. Again if you have to select your attire for winters then definitely there are huge colors in jackets, tunics and tights, may be your sweat shirts, your winter list won’t end. Off course I only choose clothes which suit my personality or can say flatter me but again I sum up these all with accessories with stoles, boots etc.In early 1920, women use to drape their head gears with laces, buns but when time changed in terms of years they get loads of variations in head gears such as the berets or hats, more of practical aspect in term of time being one the main reason. Handbags again an important accessory to women gone through loads of variations like in early times women use to sit in front of mirror spending lot of time in their makeup, hairdo’s but as the time changed the handbags were provided with small mirrors so that for a fast world, women won’t compromise for a single thing. In today’s world women have lot many options to go with shopping to their personal color choices in handbags which can gel well with their occasional dresses.Accessories never become optional for women, it also made its mark for men or even children. We can see there has always been a lot of variations in children’s accessories may be a nice pair of socks with cartoon characters or laces for tiny girls, belts, caps, sunglasses, bags and also last but not the least shoes. All in all one should not fall less of accessories.

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