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In the reading, The Modern Cult of Monuments: Its Essence and Its Development Alois Riegl speaks the values and the historical development of monument he says the oldest and most original sense monument is a work of man erected for the specific purpose of keeping in my particular deeds of a human. He says we rarely have intentional monuments in mind when we speak of modern cult and historic preservation. He believes that everything once was can never be again. For Riegl, different ages encourage the cult of different values. He believes that our attitude towards conservation depends entirely upon which values we attribute to the monument. He identifies the processes of valuation that determine different approaches to conservation. He talks about the relationship of commemorative values to the cult of monuments for which he says it is necessary to understand about age value and historic value. He says age value of monuments reveals its first-glance which is appearance. Age value promotes a view of the monument as an organic object in a state of degradation from the moment it is created. It thrives on a purely visual appreciation of age, regardless of historical or artistic considerations. Its cult demands no interference with the natural deterioration process, thus rejecting all forms of conservation. The cult of age value condemns not only every violent destruction of monuments by nature’s lawful activity of disintegration in which cult of age operates on behalf of monuments preservation. A historic value which views the monument as representative of a particular aspect of a precise moment in history. Historic value is far more concerned with preserving the most genuine document for further restoration and historical research. Deliberate commemorative value which is in contrast to age value and historic value only applies to intentional monuments those which are created specifically to memorize an event or a deed.  It promotes the conservation of the monument as new, to honor adequately the event or person it memorializes. It advocates restoration and opposes age-value.

He also establishes a relation between present-day values and cult of monuments in which he talks about use value and newness value, where he says the old building still in use must be maintained in good condition to accommodate people without any danger, and the faults such as vault, roof or ceiling must be repaired immediately, It is not necessary that use value is always incompatible to age value, but no concessions may be made to age value. He believes many buildings old buildings can still be brought to practical use. Newness value is when every monument depending on its age and other favorable or unfavorable circumstances must have experienced effect of natural forces, therefore the monument will never attain completeness of form and color that newness value requires generally only new and whole things tend to be considered beautiful while faded and old things considered ugly. He says if a monument bearing signs of disintegration is to appeal Kunstowollen, the traces of age must be remove and through restoration of its form and color appear once again like a newly created work. Newness charcter can only be preserved by means which is contradictory to the cult of age value. 

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