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indispensable to evaluate and assess the students’ learning and skills in MFL, as well as at primary school in order to determine a liaison and transition with the secondary school.

MFL department teachers should pay close attention to students’ learning that results from MFL classrooms and in the positive case, school extra-curricular MFL activities. The process of assessing serves to understand the learning and guarantee students’ improvement so teachers should identify and create assessment opportunities as a part of their teaching cycle.

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Formative assessment can be long-cycle from four weeks to one year; medium cycle within and between teaching units; short cycle- within a lesson, day to day. It helps to make a regular check on progress and to adjust to the lesson as the situation dictates.

1.1.MFL teaching language strategies:

Teaching and learning strategies are various, and an effective language learner uses a combination of strategies. However, under-achieving students’ problem in language learning is the lack of strategies. Strategies are an essential tool in helping students become independent learners. During my placement work, I have noticed several problems, some  students did not know how to use the dictionary, or they got into the panic when they faced with reading text and hurried up to take a dictionary without reading the text. Certain of them have not acquired the basic social skill to work in a group or in pairs yet. Consequently, students need to be taught skills as well as strategies to make a positive impact on their performance. The MFL teacher and students need effective time to practice these skills, instead of rushing from a topic to another.

Teaching and learning strategies are related to motivation, there are some studies about the motivation, however, there is no magical solution. Unfortunately, I have seen the least willing students when they encounter a problem they abandon the task and say ‘I can’t do it- I hate French, I am no good at French’. In my opinion, it is a mixture of low self- esteem and a complete lack of understanding of the learning process. The MFL teacher should focus on encouraging students to become familiar with learning strategies in MFL. The teacher should convince less willing students that the difficulties and the lack of motivation they have experienced due to lack of learning strategies, rather than lack of their ability. In order to do so, the teacher designs learning objectives, which indicate a range of essential ways in learning MFL. Learning objectives indicate to the class what they are going to do, giving a link between the current lesson and prior knowledge, as well as, they serve to differentiate for different ability levels so as to involve all the students in the MFL classroom activities.

Firstly teacher selects what learning objectives to be assessed and selects the adequate type of assessment to use. Then s(he) determines the criteria to be used relatively to the planned objectives. Then teacher chooses activities from the teaching material suitable for assessment. After the teacher goes on assessing students’ work and recording the results and s(he)gives feedback and evaluates the assessment process.

In the part of evaluation, the teacher and students can review together which of the strategies was operative, which one should be practiced more, or which strategy is enjoyable, helpful as 

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