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Information TechnologyITC Infotech, wholly owned subsidiary of ITC, is one of the outsourcing solution providers with the highest IT and IT capabilities in India. The company benefits from its knowledge of its parent company’s leadership position in Manufacturing, CPG and Retail and Travel and Hospitality, as well as in other industries such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, to design commercial solutions for global customers. ITC Infotech is a $ 64 million company with over 1,700 employees. In addition to IT solutions, services and co-sourcing, the company has a joint venture with ClientLogic in the BPO space that offers a technical assistance service with over 2,500 employees. ITC Infotech has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific, serving Fortune customers in 42 countries.Overseas SubsidiarySurya Nepal Private Limited (SNPL) is an Indo-Nepalese joint venture which started its operations in Nepal in 1986. SNPL is the largest private sector company in Nepal and a subsidiary of ITC Limited. Its activities include the production and marketing of packaged cigarettes and garments, as well as the export of packaged garments with a total turnover of US $ 60 million and a pre-tax profit of US $ 8 million.Citizen FirstITC is driven by the persuasive vision of expanding its contribution to society. It seeks to achieve this valuable goal not only by promoting each of its companies towards international competitiveness, but also by consciously contributing to the competitiveness of the entire value chain. As a company that continually strives to be. First citizen, ITC attaches fundamental importance to its responsibility to contribute to the .Triple Bottom Line., That is, the increase in economic and ecological costs. and social capital. Organization Panindia ITC employs over 20,000 people in over 60 locations Throughout India, ITC is continually striving to improve its wealth-generating capabilities in a globalized environment to consistently reward more than 4.45,000 shareholders, meet the aspirations of its stakeholders and meet society’s expectations. This general view of the company is explicitly reflected in its corporate positioning statement “Sustainable value, for the nation, for the shareholder”.Forward-looking StatementsThe statements in this presentation that describe the objectives of the Company, the future perspectives, estimates, expectations, etc. they may be “forward-looking statements” pursuant to applicable securities laws and regulations. In the various companies in the company’s portfolio, changes in government regulations, tax regimes and other statutes and the ability to attract and retain high quality human resources.

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