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Intro: the fisheries in Canada in the recent years have diminished, they are far from what they were in the 1990’si, this is mainly attributed to poor fishing practices and poor methods of sustainability. Currently we use fish as a mean of trading, and as a source of food (mainly around the coastal regions), in 2016 alone, Canada earned 6.3 billion dollars from exporting fish alone. However, over the recent years Canada has been leaning more towards “More Profit, Less Fish, although it allows other fish stocks to heal, it also means that if Canada were too dependent on a certain fish stock and had no reliable fallback stock, it could result in a similar disaster, such as the 1992 COD Disaster. 


As of currently the use of fish in Canada is extremely important to the economy, in 2016 alone almost 6.3 Billion dollars of revenue was made from just exporting fish alone, the most valuable fish stocks out of the 159 tend to be shellfish, lobster alone generated 2.3 billion dollars. Besides the exportation of fish, almost 72,000 Canadians have found a living off this. Currently restrictions are put, on species of fish that are in critical condition (below 40% of their biomass). 

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As of currently, using the data given it seems that our total catches will only continue to decrease, over the years poor fishing practices, and methods of sustainability have led to these reductions. Ground fish, and pelagic fish are now becoming more irrelevant to the modern Canadian fishing industry, due to the fact that most fisheries are making more profit off of shellfish, and it is also noted that catches are also getting less diverse, as companies move towards profit. A study showed that that of the 159 major fish stocks, about one third was healthy, while the other third was in unknown status, this proved to be alarming, as fisheries need to have a reliable fall back stock, they cannot depend on just a small group of fish stock, fisheries have to be more diverse, if they want to be sustainable for the long run, it’s not about getting profit en masse, it’s about earning a sustainable amount 


As you can see with the data given, our poor resource management, have diminished our fish stocks. Looking at the past it seems that poor practices led to this poor situation. It was also noted that the great lakes also have a huge fishing industry however with the introduction of foreign species, it seemed that the great lakes ecosystem could no longer support a massive population for fish, for the past 50 years almost 52% of total fish have diminished from the great lakes, due to poor resource management of the fish’s ecosystem. Ocean fishing industries have a better opportunity, in terms of ecosystem, as the fish have more sectors to develop and repair their population. Poor resource management is one of the main reasons why Canada haven’t been able to be a leading fish industry, Canada has to focus on its sustainability more than its profit, because at this rate another catastrophe is just around the corner 


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