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Servant leadership is the way of
increased relationship with organization and consider as important . Servant
leader helps to all employees based on his unique skills and experience. Job satisfaction
is an effective or emotional employee response towards an employee work. Job
satisfaction includes status, supervision and co-workers. Job performance is
that outcome which generate when the specified duties done. Job performance is
something which performed by a single person. Organization citizenship behavior
supports to the organization employees individual or groups. OCB helping
behaviors were focused on individual and co-workers with work complete due to
absence or overload. Narcissism is that a person who possesses an extreme self
love, self importance, and self conscious powerful sense displayed in
organization by an individual or group individuals. (Shehzadi et al 2017)

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The relationship of Servant leadership with job outcomes  

According to Greenleaf (1977)
argued that servant leadership creates the relations with organization. Servant
leadership focused to the goals and help to the employees individual or groups.
Servant leadership increase the relations with employees based on trust,
loyalty and satisfaction with organization. Servant leadership builds the
organization for high out comes. Servant leader motivates to the employees for
better out comes. Servant leader accepted responsibilities to all the work and
higher out comes. Servant leadership positive impact on the organizational
employees, increased customers, sales increased to high outcome. Servant
leadership related positively impact on job satisfaction, organizational
citizenship behavior and job performance. Servant leadership motivate to the
organization and followers themselves for outcomes increased.  Job satisfaction in organizational staff will
increase and turnover intention will decrease to high outcomes. OCB accepted
all responsibilities work and cooperating with each other to achieving goals.  A person their job duties and responsibilities
well. Job performance relates to set of goals within a job, achieving the
organizational goals so organization outcomes high. (Shehzadi et al 2017)

Moderating role of Narcissism Outcomes

Narcissism personality trait
selfishness, self affirmative strategies and disregard for others. Narcissism
leader exceptionally low humility, low agreeableness, low emotionally and low
conscientious.  According to Ronningstam
(2005) argued that narcissism include abilities feelings of separateness,
superiority, and pride with feelings of belongingness, gratitude, and concern
realistic self-appraisal abilities.  These organizations enhance and build the
value of others in the organization and seek to maximize benefit for the
largest number of people without exploitation. (Shehzadi et al 2017)  

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