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What is Water Poverty?

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          “The state of not having access to sufficient
water, water of an

                  adequate quality, to meet
one’s basic needs” (Oxford Dictionaries)

The major part of the earth is covered by water
than land.

It contains only 3% of fresh water.

Globally, 1.1 billion people lack access to
clean water.

Water poverty in Somalia is due to water
shortage, weather and decline of economy.

5.5 million people in Somalia are subjected to
water poverty and suffer from water-borne diseases (Baringer, 2017)

The main reason for water poverty in Somalia is

The regions in Somalia mostly effected are
Somaliland, Puntland, Barry, Sanaag, Sool and Nugaal regions.

A report published in 2010 says that Somalia
takes the 6th place among the poorest countries in the world
(Ultius, 2014).

According to Reig and colleagues, Somaliland is
ranked 29th among the world water stress regions

Most Somalians are forced to walk 20km to get
water (Ultius, 2014).

An article by Calkin says that the majority of
the population in Somalia lack access to water, reducing the average life
expectancy of an individual to 51 years .

At present, the access to water in Somalia has
increased from 15% to 45% when compared to the past 5 years.

Causes for Water


-Consists mainly of plateau, plains and highland

-Hot conditions prevail year-round along with

 Periodic monsoon
winds and irregular rainfall


-Absence of  close by
water sources

(Abdulrab, 2012)

-Not getting enough rainfall

is near by in an extremely water scarce area

-Most of the available rivers are shared by neighbouring

income (The Water Project, 2017).

-Absence of facilities to do agriculture

Cost of
water is high

-200L drum of water costs 200,000 Somali shillings (897,579
LKR) (Ultius, 2014)

Effect of Water

Lack of
access to drinking water

         Lack of
facilities to supply water and drying of rivers


         Death of
human and animals

of diseases (Barringer, 2017)

malnutrition, diarrhea and cholera

and sanitation issues (Unicef, 2017)

       Due to lack of
access to clean water


      Absence of
farming and death of animals

do not have energy to do daily activities.

nutrition is absent in the diet

Lack of
education (Ultius, 2014).

        Children and
women suffer from the burden of fetching

therefore they are not sent to school

Loss of
time in fetching water (The water project, 2017).

        Therefore less
time invested on trade

of people to other regions or countries.

         In 2017, 3770
Somali have migrated to Melkabida in Ethiopia

Current Solutions

Help from the UN and WHO.

Creating a pipeline system across the regions
(Ultius, 2014)

clean, sustainable water supply systems at least

within the distance of 1km of a village (The Water Project,

Support from clean water initiatives and seek


Relief by few organizations such as United
Nations Development Programme,

Concern Worldwide, The Water Project organization (Ultius,

Future Solutions

UNICEF is currently working to provide
facilities for water supply for 400,000 people (Barringer, 2017)

Concern Worldwide will provide water for 15 to
47 places in Somalia (Concern Worldwide, 2017)

Chlorinated drinking water will be distributed
to Somalia people by UNICEF (UNICEF, 2017)

According to UN, if the condition of poverty
remains the same, the number of people who are affected will be double by the
end of 2018.

45,000 people in Baidoa who are internally
displaced will be given access to clean water (Ahmed, 2017).


present, Somalia has reduced water poverty when compared to the past few years,
but still more than half of the population lack access to clean water.     

poverty has reduced the life span of people and animals living in such areas.

of water poverty are death, lack of access to clean water, spread of diseases,

   hygiene issues and hunger.

a result of water poverty, people in Somalia have had to migrate to other
countries for survival.

organizations are currently working on projects that can help Somalia to
overcome water poverty.

future more countries should come forward to help the people in Somalia and
other nations who are subjected to water poverty.





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