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involves no direct customer contact at all”* . Though the biggest downside of this method of selling is that a company may have a hard time creating trust between them and the consumer due to the indirect nature of advertising. Direct Marketing”Direct marketing narrows the focus to a selected group of people who are more likely to be more interested in your product or service than others”*.Direct marketing is known to often generate more custom to a business because of its direct and personal nature, they have a specific target which can help in analysing their audience more. However a drawback of this is people may choose to discard or ignore this type of advertising due to the sheer amount of people who constantly receive it through things like e-mail.* Source – Disney “Disney is an entertainment brand and focuses on the entertainment industry” This American brand was created in 1923 by it’s founder Walt Disney. It is described as a “multinational mass media conglomerate” and own many other brands under the Disney licence.Brands owned by Disney:MarvelPixarLucasfilmThe MuppetsESPNLifetimeMaker studiosHow they have added valueDisney come out with lots of merchandise when they release a new movie, for example when Moana was released in cinemas Disney launched dolls and toys, cups, clothes, stationery etc. With increasing the area of the market and exploring new ideas they can increase their profit, this is achieved because, after watching the movie young children may want items related to this new character, and children will persuade their parents to let them buy this new toy or product. They use emotional branding. “Emotional branding is the method of creating brands that appeal directly to the customer’s emotional state, needs and aspirations. “** Source – brands also use this method of branding such as John Lewis and their yearly Christmas adverts that is always highly anticipated for during the coming of the winter season.Brand PersonalitiesThe Disney brand appeals to me to because I enjoy their franchise and the things they produce, the Disney brand is often attracting children because of their movies, they try to attract people with their mascot, Mickey Mouse, it introduces a friendly face that people can trust and enjoy watching. Disney has been around since 1923 so it can very much appeal to older audiences as a reminder of their childhood, the brand has seen through different generations and since it has been open for so long, they have a lot of experience in the marketing field. Many people will have grown up with Mickey Mouse and Disney.Disney’s brand personality is very friendly and appeals to families with children or people who have grown up alongside the growth of the company. They radiate a warm and welcoming feeling that attracts many people to come and enjoy the brand and the services the provide or products they create.BenefitsA benefit of Disney is that it covers a variety of ages, from children to the elderly, this benefits them because it means they have a wider audience and they have larger marketing opportunities. Disney also owns a lot of other brands under the Disney licence. With experience in lots of places in the market they can reach new audiences and new target markets. They also have over 25 unique Disney resort hotels, benefiting them as there are accommodations for almost every family’s needs and budgets.By having their own hotels and accommodation, they don’t need to rely on other companies to house their customers, by owning their own accommodation they are able to provide more discounts and special offers.Coca-Cola”Coca Cola is a soft drink company, manufacturer, retailer, and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups”*. The company is best known for their drink, Coca-Cola. The franchise has operated since 1892 and has seen through multiple generations, leading to it ultimately becoming a household name. *Quote source – Wikipedia owned by Coca-ColaFantaSpriteGlaceau Vitamin WaterGlaceau Smart WaterMello YelloMinute MaidPower AdeHow they have added valueHaving a wider variety of flavours and drinks to choose from opens up the market to appeal to more people as it can suit everyone’s tastes and individual preferences. People love the taste of coke and would spend more money for the original than they will for own brand versions.Coca-Cola have also modernised their product, they have made it more accessible and more convenient to the people of this time, changing the bottles from glass to plastic, to make it make it more eco friendly as it is recyclable and reusable, but it has also made it easier for people to buy it on the go and not worry about the bottle cracking.Brand PersonalityCoca-Cola appeals to me because of the way they advertise their product and how they portray it. Many people are familiar with the taste of coke, and prefer the original taste over other “coke” drinks, people are often driven to purchase it through the adverts they show, where they make it look cold and refreshing, and they make it look ideal to have. Coca-Cola also often uses celebrities to endorse their products, this helps them reach new audiences and it may persuade people to buy their products.BenefitsBy using these methods they have increased sales and custom to the brand, more and more people are purchasing their products and increasing the money they make. It also  appeals to children as well as adults, for example they use santa to appeal to younger children and are often using humour in their advertisements. Not only do their adverts make people happy, it shows people that this drink will make you feel a certain way or this drink is as fresh as rolling down a dewy hill, they suggest ideas that implicate you will feel a certain way if you try this drink, they always use a very “refreshing” aesthetic with all their adverts, making their product look as good and appealing as possible, often using celebrities to also attract people.Comparing the companiesCoca ColaWalt DisneyCoca Cola Company does not use direct marketing and sales promotionsCoca Cola is very minimalisticThey also pay attention to where they are advertising their productsDisney is constantly using sales promotionsDisney is targeting children as being the main audienceCoca Cola isn’t often seen using social media to boost their saleThey do not use social media very well or to the best of their ability.Both companies advertise their products on TV, although when looking through the promotional mix, we can see that the Coca Cola Company does not use direct marketing and sales promotions, Disney however is constantly using sales promotions to appeal to more people, but since Coca Cola distributes their products to other retailers they aren’t really in charge of the price or the discounts retailers may or may not make.Coca Cola isn’t often seen using social media to boost their sales as Disney does, they are much more adhered to TV advertising.As you can see by the two pictures below, Disney is targeting children as being the main audience, but they also understand that the parents are the consumers and so are trying to entice them with the promise of Floridian sunshine, but Coca Cola on the other hand is very minimalistic when it comes to advertising their products, but they still make it look appealing to those on the road who may need a drink after work, they use very good photography and most times little to or no words, they let their product do the talking for them, though it is simple it is also effective. They also pay attention to where they are advertising their products, Coca-Cola is often using billboard advertising since many people maybe more likely to buy a drink on the road, if they are driving a long way or if they are going home. Disney understands their audience is quite young and so will often advertise on television adverts, where children are most likely to see it.Unsuccessful BrandingUnsuccessful branding is when a company’s marketing strategies fail and don’t bring them much higher profits, it may also be that it makes the brand lose more money than they are making.An example of unsuccessful branding is when Dr. Pepper released their “Dr. Pepper ten”.  It was advertised as a low calorie version of Dr. Pepper that was “not for women”.  Dr. Pepper not only decided to neglect half of their potential customers, but they also revealed a sexist attitude to the general public. Having gender involved in fizzy drink choices proved to be a failed marketing idea. Burger King in an attempt to create its own version of “Ronald McDonald”, decided to create their own mascot. The adverts promoting this new character were strange and unsettling to many people, the adverts revolved around their new King character. Lots of customers were disturbed by this “King” character and Burger King was quick to remove him.The most important aspect of any advertising or marketing campaign is to make sure that you are able to listen to the feedback of your customers.Why businesses need to promote themselvesBoth of these companies need to promote their brand since  promotion is the “voice” of your company, that sends out your brand’s message to your audience. Many popular media platforms can be used to promote your brand. These can include things such as radio, TV,  shop windows, billboards, magazines, and social media. Many promotional strategies can be put in place in order to promote and market your business depending on the objectives and priorities of your company.Without marketing promotions, your company would not be able to gain the attention of occupied customers.Promoting your brand will help you in many different ways:Increasing brand awarenessProviding appropriate informationIncreasing Customer TrafficBuilding sales and profitsNot only these, but promotions can also help your company to introduce products easily into the market.Promotions help in creating brand awareness, with the help of various forms of media, you can spread information about your company, which then helps people to find out more about the company and look into your products and make purchases. If your marketing strategy is structured poorly, it will not be very effective in targeting the correct audiences. Having a generally well thought out marketing strategy and marketing plan can help you identify different consumers in the market and offer suitable solutions for your customers. Also, promotion helps in increasing customer traffic. The more you are able to promote your brand or product, the more consumers will know about you and your company and the interested they will be in your products. While promotional or marketing strategies are very important, businesses must remember a few aspects in their marketing plan, it is very important that businesses make use of the right media tool to target their customers. These days, when social media is the most effective tool on the online platform, promotional strategies need to extend beyond radio, television and print.Disney WorldMy chosen product is Disney’s theme park. They have lots of things to do there and also appeal to lots of people, Disney World has lots of rides, they have hotels and restaurants, by including all these services they are able to provide their visitors with easy booking. Disney World is quite expensive, but by providing a range of offers they are able to give their consumers a reasonable discount, they often do special offers and discounts: during holidays, when booking online or when the park has an anniversary. They often include extra additions in their holiday packages, such as hotel accommodation and meal plans, they cover a lot of attractions so if you want to go to a number of places then this package or deal may appeal to you. 14-Day Ultimate Ticket2 x Adult (10+)£369.00/TicketTotal: £738.00Disney often sells their items online, tickets for instance can only be bought online (if you want discounts and special offers). Many people find this more convenient than buying at the gate or in person because they can do it whenever they want and when they are able to. It is also cheaper online. Many online shops offer discount coupons and other offers when shopping online. It also allows them to compare prices online and find cheaper deals.Promotion & PlaceDisney is often advertising tickets for the theme park on the TV, Disney often has leaflets, radio adverts or social media adverts for example YouTube adverts often show Disney adverts. The purpose of TV and social media advertising  is so they can reach a wider audience, many young children watch TV and will see the television adverts and want to go there, social media can be very effective too. Such as increased exposure/brand awareness:Social media exposes your company or services to new eyes. Your  message is easily shown to multitudes of people. Social media can help you find customers already talking about your business – information you can use as leverage to reach even more people.Learning about your audience is just as important as promoting. Social media gives you insights into what your audience is into. Getting to know your audience can help you discover creative ways to reach them via advertising or content. Catering and targeting to this newfound information will lead to increased customer traffic.Sometimes a customer won’t reach out to you if they have a problem, but are more likely to make a statement or comment online. Many customers often use social media as a point of contact with a company, The Social Habit reports that “42% customers who reach out to brands online expect a response within the hour.”Social media allows your consumers to submit feedback quickly and effectively. The time between discovering if a product or campaign has been a failure or success is shorter. This means you can respond/resolve any mistakes in a faster manner.”Social media can offer opportunities you may miss out on by not having a social presence.” This way customers are able to reach you directly and any queries can be addressed and resolved, this is important in keeping your current customer happy and satisfied with your customer service, and also shows potential customers that you care.Social media can help you have a scope on your competition. You can use it to see what they may be doing that you could use to improve your own brand, or simply find ways to stand out within your industry. If social media is used correctly it could help you increase sales. An audience that is drawn towards or interested in your brand or product will respond to sales messaging. Having a social media presence can also allow customers “get to know” your brand, giving you more chances to gain more custom.Your social media presence does weigh in the value of your brand, it is the face of your brand and is often the first thing many potential consumers will see of your brand. this applies to how consumers perceive your brand.Disney is often using sales promotions as a method to promote their products and increase custom. The most common things they do as sales promotions are the range of discounts.  The Walt Disney Company’s primary target market is young children but their consumers are the parents, therefore they have to keep up with each generation of kids and also new parents. Disney has to constantly come up with innovative ways to intrigue the target market while using consumer sales promotion to intrigue the parents as well.Disney uses numerous tools for consumer sales promotion, the company is very big on loyalty marketing programs. They used to mail catalogs to more loyal customers “filled with new products, coupons, and rebates”. When making a purchase the customer would place a telephone order, but as of April 2006, the Walt Disney Company decided to stop catalog circulation and instead focussed on online sales promotion in order to keep up with the new generation of children and parents. Now you can find all of Disney’s sales promotions on their Disney Store website. Throughout their website you can find special offers and discounts. Due to all of these consumer sales promotion devices, the Walt Disney Company does not participate in personal selling. Companies that do however, include: Tylenol, Botanic Choice and Avon.”Public Relations is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you”At a time when the news of the sudden decline of bees was dominating the media, Disney launched a campaign which included one of Disney’s most loved characters, show us ways to get bees back in the trees. Partnering with the “British Beekeepers Association and Egmont Publishing”, Disney created a “‘bee-friendly’ guide of 10 simple steps that families could enjoy together to save help save the bees” which was inspired by Winnie the Pooh.”Results: 75+ fully accredited media coverage includes: Daily Telegraph, The Times, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Metro, Mail Online, Telegraph Online, BBC News, Guardian Online, Express Online, Mirror Online, and 13 broadcast interviews.”Disney uses both direct and indirect marketing when selling their products, But things such as park tickets can only be available through the disney website, other items can specifically be bought from the disney store, but otherwise they do sell products through other retailers, such as Smyths Toys Superstore, The Entertainer, ToysRus, Argos and Toys uk. How it all fits togetherThe way Disney has used the marketing mix makes it so that all elements fit together perfectly, we can see it on display properly on their website.Their website being the place where they are selling their tickets (product), their website shows the range of prices of all their products, this helps people who are financially looking for a cheaper deal find these things in one place, they also include their discounts and special offers on their website (promotion), also being very helpful to those who are budgeting, having all these things in one place makes it convenient for the consumer to book and save money at the same time, they can compare prices and choose the package that is best suited for their financial or specific needs. They include all the elements of the Marketing Mix in one place to make for an optimal experience for both provider and consumer, not only are they making money but they are also helping their consumer by providing a good experience, in hopes they will be satisfied by their service.ConclusionI think that the promotional mix for Disney world is very effective, we can see this from the Forbes article where they report: “Last year its 11 parks around the world provided nearly a third of its $45 billion revenue and 20.7% of its $10.7 billion operating profit.”  Disney World has used the marketing mix effectively and in turn it is gaining more and more custom, the company has created special events each year to attract more people, and they are not often seen with unsuccessful branding.The way they have set up their websites show all the elements of the promotional mix, they are always advertising their product in new and innovative ways, such as brand deals with other companies, celebrity endorsement, billboards, leaflets, posters but they are also keeping up as the market and their customers evolve as the times change, they are keeping a high social media presence with 10.4 million followers on Instagram alone, by using these platforms they can update their fans on what’s new or what is going on.In the future if they want to carry on making money, I would suggest just carrying on as they are, but continue to change as the audience changes too, this will keep them up to date and they will remain relevant as time changes.

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