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it is hard for many immigrants to become U.S. citizens. There are around 43.7 million immigrants in the United States. Around 11.5 million of them are illegal and 1.7 million of them hold temporary visas. A lot of people don’t get legalized because they can’t afford it, or maybe they have gotten in past trouble even for little things like a speeding ticket and they are afraid of getting denied. It also takes a long time to get legalized. I think that if the path to be legal in the U.S. was easier, then more people would get legalized. It takes at least 7 years to become a U.S. citizen, and that’s the best scenario. It costs $725 just for the application to become a U.S. citizen. A lot of people who are moving into the U.S. cannot afford the application. Typically, the income of an average middle class person in Mexico is $10,116 a year. That is around a 7th of the average annual U.S. salary at $70,000 a year. An average Syrian makes around 15,000 Syrian Pounds per month, or $50 a month. In 1 year an average Syrian makes only $600 to live off of. Trying to become a U.S. citizen while only making $600 a year definitely makes it a lot harder. That is why a lot of Syrians come here illegally. As well as Hispanic people trying to support their families while trying to come to America. An average Hispanic woman will have 3-4 kids, while the average American woman will have 2 kids. That makes it twice as hard to raise and support kids in Hispanic countries, along with having to pay for a citizenship. A lot of people worry about immigrants hurting the U.S. through terrorism or economy. This is pretty unlikely. Studies have shown that immigrants are way less likely to commit a crime than a U.S. citizen. The crime rate for an American born citizen is higher than immigrants. Maybe this is because they like it here and are living a better life. They don’t want to jeopardize their opportunity here. Another big terrorism worry is ISIS. Middle Easterners are only 3% of the total immigrant population. That means there is only 1.3 million Middle Easterners in the United States. The chances of people in ISIS hurting the U.S. is very low. Also, the economy is something that people think will be an issue. Again, this is not true. Immigrants contributed $2 trillion to the GDP in 2016. Once immigrants get here and better their life, they help us out a lot. Only less than 1 in 5 immigrants live in poverty once they get here. Because many immigrants do not have a college degree, they help with a lot of jobs we need like factory workers, roofers, house cleaners, etc. In conclusion, immigrants have helped us out a lot and the United States should support them and not stereotype them based off of their country’s past reputation. If we made it easier on them, more people would probably get legalized and not have to worry about getting deported and taken from their families and new lives. They contribute to our economy and jobs, and they are living their best life here. Nobody should be hard on them for wanting to live here.

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