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It was growing up and spending most weekends playing monopoly with my family when first becoming interested in the power of money. Since studying Mathematics at GCSE level, I have developed an interest in the role of finance particularly within businesses. Alongside my studies at school, I have gained experience within a financial environment from my slight involvement in the financial areas of Rolls Royce: Rotative’s throughout my work experience in year 11. Also, I have taken up a part-time job at Tesco Superstore which has helped me deal with some financial aspects of this business, for example I was in charge of encountering the right amount of money from the customer and refunding the correct amount of change, from which I have developed several skills in working with figures and the ability to accurately handle, organise and analyse information. As well as that I was given the responsibility to look after the financial aspect of a charity tom-bola that meant that I was given the money made and expected to add it up and divided the change into group of whole pounds. From this experience, I am intrigued to learn more about finance and accounting.Currently, I am studying A levels in General Studies, Media Studies, Sociology and English Literature. I chose not to continue Mathematics to A level standard due to specific aspects of my current subjects that meet my personal interests. These courses have set an opportunity for me to gain more understanding and valuable knowledge which I am able to apply to other general areas. Taking up Sociology has allowed me so have a perception on different attitudes and behaviours of people whom I will come across in my everyday life, within society. Studying literature means that I have been taught to communicate ideas more evidently and confidently, both when speaking and writing. During my leisure time, I enjoy reading fiction books, mostly adventure novels, mysteries, science fiction and fantasy. I read weekly as I believe that it can be very beneficial when improving my general knowledge and gives me a little time to myself. In addition to this, I am enthusiastic when it comes to editing. I am quite familiar with using creative softwares and I am currently learning aspects of effects within a moving image. My passion started through my interests in films and other broadcast media platforms. I am eager to learn new things and better my skills. As an individual, I have aspired for higher education at university because I have a commitment and attitude when it comes too learning new things. The transaction of moving from school education to the challenges of a degree course gives me the determination and motivation to be successful. By studying at university, I aim to give myself a wider skill set and develop more characteristics as well as learning to encode my given knowledge to take on a career in a (business) accounting or financial profession.

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