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It is important for me to let you know why I chose VIU. As an international student with a focusin information systems management, I have passion for computers and managing information. Idid my research about VIU: Its MISM program, world class faculty, ethnic diversity, affordabletuition, scholarships, reviews, job opportunity, and certifications I hope to acquire in the future,accreditation and most importantly its easy admission process. I also went through your coursesfor the MISM program and was excited to see that I will have the opportunity to chooseinternship as an elective course. Hence, I am confident that VIU is the perfect school for me.BACKGROUNDI earned my Bachelors’ degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Lagos, Nigeriawhere I acquired comprehensive training in computers and software application. I gained fiveyears business-related skills immediately after my B.Sc. program. After graduation I went for mynational youth service corps. I interned in a consulting firm during my NYSC where I worked inthe IT department as a network administrator. I also worked in local and International oil and gasfirms in Nigeria, and currently working in a marine firm till date. I gathered experience innetworking, supply-chain, business-development and negotiations. I attended seminars /workshops related to ICT, oil & gas, business, management, supply chain and marketing. Havingexperienced all these, I feel strongly that it is more important that I stay focused on my passion.If I am to prepare myself for the challenges of a successful future career, it is essential that Icombine my background in computers with further education in management. For this reason, Iwant you to support me in investing in myself and my future by granting me scholarship to studyin your MISM program.HOW THE CIVIL UNREST IN NIGERIA HAS DIRECTLY AFFECTED MENigeria, a West African country with a population of about 170 million people has witnessedseveral terrorist attacks since 2003. Nigeria is a multi-ethnic country with different religiousgroups. The country is made up of both Muslims and Christians with Muslims more in the northand Christians in the south. The country is being threatened by the Boko Haram insurgencywhich began in 2009, when the jihadist rebel group Boko Haram started an armed rebellionagainst the government of Nigeria. This is a group that has been called the world’s deadliestterrorist group, in terms of the number of people it has killed. For many decades Nigeria haswitnessed various forms of violent conflicts. In recent times the activities of Boko Haram hasbecome the major source of crisis and fear in the country. In 2013, over 1,000 people died as aresult of the conflict. The violence escalated dramatically in 2014, with 10,849 deaths. In 2014,the insurgency spread to neighboring Cameroon, Chad, and Niger and thus becoming a majorregional conflict. In 2015, a coalition offensive forced Boko Haram to retreat into the SambisaForest. The insurgency took place within the context of long-standing issues of religious violencebetween Nigeria’s Muslim and Christian communities. This group has been designated a terroristorganization. In April 2014, it became a very popular internationally after it abducted over 200schoolgirls from the northern town of Chibok. Over the course of 2014 alone, over 5,000 peopleNovember 2017were killed in Boko Haram related violence as the group demonstrated new, more deadly tacticsin order to increase casualties. About 13,000 people are estimated to have been killed in BokoHaram-related violence, making it one of the dangerous terrorist groups in the world.The desire of every young undergraduate in Nigeria is to put on the uniform of the NationalYouth Service Corps (NYSC) and be addressed as a ‘corper. I was directly affected by the bokoharam activities during my national youth service corps in Borno State – the northern part ofNigeria. After my graduation from University of Lagos, I was posted to Borno state for myNational Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 2013. The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) isan organization set up by the Nigeria government to involve the country’s graduates in thedevelopment of the country. There is no military conscription in Nigeria but since 1973graduates of universities. “Corp” members are posted to cities far from their city of origin or farfrom the city they graduated from. As a corper, one is expected to mix with people of othertribes, social and family backgrounds, to learn the culture of the indigenes in the place they areposted to. This action is aimed at bringing about unity in the country and to help youthsappreciate other ethnic groups.I travelled to Borno State for my NYSC three weeks orientation camp after which I was postedto Ansar u deen Secondary School as a Computer Science teacher where I taught kids on how touse computers. Borno state has one of the highest rates of boko haram activities. Every day, Iwas very afraid that I may never see my family and friends ever again. I had to appeal to mylocal government chairman to redeploy me to any other northern state with less book haramactivities. They rejected my request but however emphasized that government will guaranteemine and all corps members’ security and safety, which they did because we had armed soldiersguarding our camps. As a corps member, I remember anytime I watch news or read newspapersthere is always an attack on security agents and banks. I thought to myself, if they could defysuch security personnel, what you think they would do to me or other corps members especiallythe Christians that have no security training. After few months in Borno state, I was becomingmore uncomfortable due to threats we Christian Corpers received on a daily basis from the localrascals in the communities, I later re-appealed for re-deployment to a southern state because I ama Christian from the eastern part of Nigeria who I feared for my life and clearly stated that I maynot make it to the end of this program. I’m glad I was granted a transfer back to Lagos to servewhich was where I finished my NYSC. I’m grateful that I went through such experience andhope that this nightmare the innocent northers (mothers, children and men) face will becompletely over sooner than later.

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