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ITCE 3200 Resume & Cover Letter assignment

Submitted by:
Sahil Sharma

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Sahil Sharma

(647) 981-0420 | [email protected]

January 8, 2018 


Developer, Summer 2018 Student Opportunities


Dear Hiring Manager,                                                                                                                        

I am interested in applying to your recent
job post on for a summer position as a Web Developer at RBC. I want
to pursue a career in web development and I believe this position will add to
my base knowledge and skills in this field. I have over 1.5 years of experience
already working with a home-operated company Danzilla, along with 3 years of
knowledge through studying Computer Programming. Currently, I work as a Technical
Support Representative & Junior Programmer at Danzilla, and study
Computer Programming at Durham College(DC).


I have worked as a Technical Support
representative and Junior Programmer with the web development company Danzilla for the past 1 and a half years. The
work involves use of HTML, CSS and PHP languages as well as software such
as phpMyAdmin, SSH and FTP. CMS platforms such as WordPress and Lightspeed are also involved in the
development of websites and providing technical support. The development work
has given me experience to handle time sensitive tasks in a ticket-based system
as well as hone my communication skills when discussing issues or design
implementations with clients. 


I also work part time as a freelancer at an
online website working with web development related projects to expand my knowledge
and grow my client network. In 3 years of college experience, I have completed
courses in various fields like Programming, Networking, System Development. I
will also be returning for my last year in Winter, 2018. I believe the
combination of my web development experiences and level of education makes me a
great candidate for this opportunity. Please feel free to contact me by email,
phone or Linkedin. Thank you for your consideration! 




Sahil Sharma















Sahil Sharma 

(647) 981-0420 | [email protected] | Linkedin

288 Oshawa Blvd S, Oshawa, ON L1H5S1 


Summary of Qualifications 

1.5 years of experience working as a part time freelancer
creating websites, web based projects for my clients. Junior
Programmer of a small web development and consulting company: Danzilla. 

in the Computer programmer course at Durham College(DC). 

Completed college level courses from various fields including
programming, networking, web scraping, mainframe development. 


Technical Proficiencies 

Platforms: Windows XP/7/8,
Linux Ubuntu. 

Software: Microsoft Office (Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher), WinSCP,
Putty, phpMyAdmin, notepad++, WordPress, Visual Studio 15,
Dev C++, pgAdmin3.

Languages: C#,
JavaScript, PowerShell, Bash, Linux Commands. 


Professional Experience 

Danzilla, Newmarket ON          –
07/2016 to Present 

Freelancing, Online(part-time) – 05/2017
to Present


Technical Support and Junior Programmer 

Initially started working with one of my friends at his small, home
and online-operated company Danzilla. We started this company together with
creating web pages for small businesses, keep them updated & maintained for
our clients. I am working as customer technical support and Jr developer where
I work with client requirements and required edits/updates to the websites,
while building strong customer relations.

Communicated with clients through ticket system using emails and phone
calls to fix, design and enhance websites. 

Most technical support work involved the use of CMS platforms including
Magento, Lightspeed and WordPress combined with PhpMyAdmin, SSH and FTP software 

Most of the programming was implemented using HTML, CSS, PHP and pgAdmin3.



Durham College (DC) – Graduating 2018 

Computer Programmer (2 Years) 


Extracurricular Activity 

Intramural Hockey (DC), 2016 to 2018 

Downtown Men’s Hockey League (DMHL), Summer

Intramural Basketball (DC), Winter 2017 

Intramural Soccer (DC), Fall


Volunteer Experience 

Heart & Stroke Foundation, March 2012 

Entered data using Microsoft Excel and handled paperwork (shredding and

Value Village, December 2013 

Organized the goods
& Inventory Checks.



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