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Josephine UsitaMr. SandquistContemporary Voices22 January 2018Career Research EssayEnglish is one of the most important languages in the world. It is considered a necessity for communication for a variety of occupations. Teachers are one of the occupations that are underpaid in exchange for a life changing education. One requires many responsibilities and qualifications that is hopeful for growth in the future. Making a difference is inspirational. An English teacher is a great career choice for those who wish to make a difference in students’ lives. An English teacher possesses many responsibilities. A day is full of tasks. For example, one has to plan lessons for the day. Second, they give lectures about the lesson such as creative writing, literature, poetry, and many more. Students are taught how to evaluate texts using evidence from within the text such as meaning and communication. Third, students are given assignments. Mrs. Bartelli, an English teacher at Mira Mesa High School, states that she gives step by step examples of the assignment, remaking of an incomplete assignment, and reasonable time in class in order to help students experience success. Finally, teachers grade essays, tests, and assignments that displays the students’ learning progress. When students’ create positive results, teachers award them. One must be able to communicate with parents about the students’ progress and adapt lessons to any changes in class size. English teachers help students develop problem solving, expand vocabulary, become an active listener, gain critical thinking and reasoning skills. An English teacher works hard for the students’ future. An English teacher is highly educated. Mrs. Bartelli has a Bachelors in Education, Bachelors in English and Masters in technology and thirty years of teaching experience. The path to this career requires attending a four year college such as San Diego State University in California. An English teacher requires Bachelor’s degree at a minimum but a Masters degree is recommended for teaching high school or secondary schools. One must major in English and Education in college. Also, one needs to take and pass the teaching license exam. One needs to take a teachers education program that has two parts: curricula and fieldwork. Curricula will be teachings on how to manage a classroom and the art and science of teaching. Fieldwork is observations, student teachings, lesson plans, collaborations, teaching students, and writing reflections. After college education and acquiring a teaching license, they have the option of teaching in a private, public, or charter school. A teaching license and a bachelor’s degree are requirements to teach in a public school. One must have basic English skills such as grammar, spelling, and the speaking the language. One must also have skills such as active listening, writing, reading comprehension, etc. Therefore, an English teacher has many impressive qualifications to teach in their best ability to teach students.  This occupation is currently growing. According to, the median salary is  $57,200 a year for a high school English teacher in 2015. Teachers are underpaid and it is a  sad reality. English teachers had 1 million jobs in 2016. The annual salary is $110,490 in California in 2016. The least experienced 10% of teachers make $35,790, 50% make $63,730, and the most experienced 90% make $130,890 nationally. The demand for teachers is high especially for those who teach English as a second language. Therefore, an english teacher is an important job that requires to be paid more for changing the lives of many students. An English teacher is an important job in the future. It is projected that there will be 9,100 teachers employed in 2024 and will raise 6% in jobs. There will be an 8% increase and 78,800 jobs in 2026. There will be high demand because at the time most teachers will be retired and new ones will be employed. Also, many more teachers are needed for teaching english as a second language so those will also increase. Therefore, the demand for this career in the future is hopeful. An English teacher is an interesting career. Teachers have many responsibilities, qualifications, and hope in the future occupations. People in this path should have great communication skills in order to communicate with teachers, students, and administrators. An English teacher makes a difference in our lives as they help students to educate and communicate with others. Also, the type of person that would work well have the qualities of patience, communication skills, and resourcefulness. Not all heroes are highly paid, respected, and wanted when they should be. Students are not the only ones learning, teachers also learn from the students. An English teacher is an interesting career choice in making a difference in the lives of students.

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