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Mathras (1975:9) defined inequality by emphasizing upon the unequal
distribution of social rewards. According to him, “Social inequality is
that inequality in the distribution of social rewards, sources and benefits,
honour and esteem, rights and privileges, and power and Influence which is
associated with differences with social position”.

Inequality for Herald R. Kerbo
(1983:11) is due to differential positions in the social structure and on
account of the values. Judgements and evaluation differentials. His definition
on inequality thus reads as “Social inequality is the condition whereby
people have unequal access to valued resources, services and positions in the
society. Such inequality can emerge in terms of how individuals and groups are
themselves ranked and evaluated by others, but most importantly, social
inequality is related to differing positions in a social structure, social in
equality often emerges from social differentiation for two basic reasons. On
the one hand, because of human capacity to apply meaning to events and things
to develop Judgements of what is “good” “bad” or preferable
social evaluation is often applied to differences” (Herald R. Kerbo

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Differences among the people in the
society and the expression of differences in the form of dominance are the two
aspects of inequality. In this context Berreman observed that, “Inequality
refers to the social evaluation of whatever differences are regarded as
relevant is a given society or a situation. Dominance is the behavioural
expression of those differences, social inequality generally refers to the
combination of these two process” (Berreman 1981:8).

Duberman (1976:5) examined the earlier
literature on social inequality and concluded that ‘no clear-cut definition of
social inequality’, despite the statement use of the term. Rather, most often
it is coupled indiscriminately and alternatively with social stratification
(p.5). Subsequently he went on to explain inequality as a term that should be
used to describe “those societies in which there are unequal opportunities
to attain societal resources because of natural recurrences between individuals
that cannot be overcome…..”.

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