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Just Jump I scrambled after my sister, giddy anticipation clutching my stomach. I slid down the rock, loosing gravel and creating a trickier path. I stumbled and slipped clumsily and fell on my hands and knees at the bottom. “This way! ” My sister called, motioning with her hand for me to follow. I pulled myself to my feet, nervous excitement chasing away the stinging I felt in my hands and knees. Brushing the biting gravel from my hands and pants I followed like a lost puppy. I rounded a small bend and stared in amazement at the all natural rock wall standing in front of me.

My little sister, Samantha, clung sturdily about half way up the cliff face. My father’s Jaw dropped as he came around the corner. His eyes fell on Samantha and he stumbled down the steep slope to rest beside me. Reaching his hand up, he assisted her on her way up before turning to me, an unspoken question shining in his eyes. I shook my head; I don’t need any help from anyone I thought stubbornly. I mounted the wall, fingers aching in protest and began the painfully slow ascend. About thirty centimetres from the top all the finger holds vanished and I was left to frantically earch for another way up. Ah ha! ” I cried triumphantly, latching onto a thick root. I stretched my opposite hand up, dangerously holding on with only the one, to fumble for the flat ground above. Once safely on I pushed myself up, similarly to climbing from a pool, and gazed proudly at my sister. A smirk danced across my face before I realized how long I had taken. We stared down the waterfall before Jumping ungracefully across the small river that fed it. Together we climbed down onto the higher of two edges. Regarding the black depths below, a nervous pit began forming n the pit of my stomach.

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My dad Joined us and without a thought sprung easily over the lower and landed with a crash in the water. He came up gasping for air and shivering at we both laughed completely ignoring the fact that he was cold. My sister and I stripped our clothes off, shivering slightly in out bathing suits. “Daddy? Stay there so I can Jump to you! ” My sister pleaded, yelling down to him. An answering nod gave her the courage to fly through the air and into the icy waters. I stared in disbelief the entire time. Sliding down a sheer path I landed squarely on the lower helf nodding to myself reassuringly.

I dropped the tiny meter and a half into the water and struggled to the edge, clinging for dear life. I yanked myself up and about an hour I was still the only one that hadn’t gone off the high dive. Shivering I climbed the rocky slope for about the tenth time. I pushed onto the high shelf and breathed a calming sigh before slamming my eyes shut. I heaved yet another breath and time seemed to slow as I leaped. My feet left the Jagged rock edge and I prepared for impact. The icy water seemed to never come so I opened my eyes in the plit second of impact.

Black water flooded my vision and I gulped the yucky liquid as the shock possessed me. I fought frantically for what seemed like hours before my head broke the surface. A flock of cheers rose up and danced in the air around me as I paddled confidently towards the far edge. I climbed out to be smothered by congratulations but it all felt good in the moment. My dad swam over and I said, excitement screaming in my voice, “Did you see me! Did you see me! That was awesome! ” “No I didn’t but that was pretty good. ” He answered honestly, patting my roughly on the back.

My heart fell to my feet in disappointment but it didn’t last long before an idea hit me. Up I went again, retracing my steps as I clambered up the hill once again. I leaped onto the rock and felt the chilly wind whip against my bathing suit. Without a scared pause I sprung from the ledge and glided into the icy water. I emerged like a butterfly from its cocoon and my gaze ticked directly to my father whose applauding and shining eyes proved I had done well. I have always been the shy butterfly, hiding within but today I outshone myself and made my father and me proud.

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