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Keyboard is a multi functional device that controls your
Dell computer in some way or the other. Along with speed as well as variety,
Keyboard also increases your muscle memory. You can easily check your accuracy
through keyboard.

There comes a time after using your keyboard for a while
that it dysfunctions. It might be due to various reasons like virus, heating up
of computer, insufficient memory and many more that hampers the life of a keyboard.
This even locks your device and it is important to unlock it as early as
possible to be back on track.

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Various steps that will help in unlocking your Keyboard
would be:-

Check your battery time to time and it is
important to replace it with a new and updated one at regular basis.

Be preparing to check all the locking keys of
the keyboard. As there are 3 locking keys in it so ensure to check all three of

In the case if your programs hampers due to lack
of storage in the PC then close your PC and opens it after fifteen seconds of
time and then start it again.

Do the above step by using the power button.

Or, it is better if you perform it with a mouse.

Unplug all the cords from your computer if you
face an issue even after restarting it.

In the case of a laptop, slide the back cover of
the battery and remove it gently and do not forget replacing it after few

Begin with the opening of your PC by connecting
all the wires and the batteries.

Also, installation of your keyboard is important
so allow your system software to boot the system and update the keyboard.

It is important to have a functional keyboard as how will
you command your computer?

The whole thing starts and ends with keyboard no matter how
much people deny to the fact. Contact Dell Technical number in case you feel
any technical issue during the process.  

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