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Kiwanis International

            A community can be defined in so
many different ways, but within the communities most members have similar
beliefs and common goals. In “Society, Community, Institution, &
Association,” a community is compared to a society the differences being a
community is determined by location and society is determined upon desires and
beliefs. Some communities are steadily populating, yet there are some that are
slowly dying out. The Kiwanis Club is an extravagant community, which can be
explained as a community inside of a community. Dr. Phil Bartle stated, “There
may be communities within larger communities, including districts, regions,
ethnic groups, nations and other boundaries” (“What is a community?”). The
Kiwanis Club is made up of many members across the nation. The Kiwanis Club is
a service club that is known worldwide. In almost every city or town there is a
Kiwanis Club. Usually a Kiwanis Club is located in nearly one hundred nations which
help their communities in countless ways. Each community’s needs are different,
so each Kiwanis club is different. To explain, a Kiwanis Club in Louisiana
would not specially need to make and donate blankets to the homeless in august unlike
the Kiwanis Clubs in the North. This kind of service club everything that is
done is definitely not anything one person can accomplish alone. Outstanding
things happen when you give a child the chance to dream, experience, grow, learn,
succeed, and thrive. Each little town has its own club because each town has
its own specific needs for within the community. The Kiwanis Club is an amazing
community to take part in because it tremendously changes lives, endures all
friendships, and surpasses community service throughout the whole community.

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            The Kiwanis Club is not only life
changing for the members of the club, but especially for all those in the
community that they are helping. The Kiwanis clubs are made up of a wide
variety of people. It is especially made up of the local businessman, business
owners, bankers, councilmen, dentists, doctors, lawyers, realtors, and retired
citizens. Being involved in a community that does everything for the good
really impacts the great quality of life. A local dentist in Denham Springs,
Jan Fairchild was the President of the Denham Springs Kiwanis Club in 2016. She
stated, “I do not know what I would be in life without the Club. Our great club
has not only helped me develop and grow personally but also professionally.” It
is a known fact that the Kiwanis Club is a wonderful place for professional
networking. Majority of the Clubs are made up of very successful individuals.
Fairchild mentioned, “Our mission statement speaks huge volumes to many it is, Kiwanis
is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world, one child
and one community at a time.” The Kiwanis Club is very optimistic with a lot of
community spirit! Dr. Phil Bartle explained, “Community spirit refers to the
ideas that community members have about themselves and their community. They
are usually positive attitudes, optimistic about its future, and which
encourage altruism and the contribution of members to the welfare of the
community” (“Community Characteristics”). While members are being so optimistic
and hopeful of the future, that makes them more successful and enjoyable to be
around which determines why most Kiwanians have such outstanding relationships
and friendships.

            The Kiwanis Club surely endures all
friendships. It is guaranteed that members will meet many other members from
all over the region and world who share the same devotion for service success. The
friendships that are established within the club will most likely be life- long
friendships. These friendships are bonded together by the many nights that
turned into mornings before, during, or even after service projects throughout
the community. The Denham Springs Kiwanis Club remains so closely knitted by
how involved each member is. At every event, they have a 98% attendance rate.  Fairchild explained, “One of our favorite club
traditions is that the whole club eats meets and has lunch at Big Mike’s every
Thursday at noon.” It has been scientifically proven that people who are
actively involved in the community are more successful, but also have better
relationships as well. Angela Wales, the Kiwanian of the year and newly elected
Denham Springs Kiwanis Club President. Wales stated to the Livingston Parish
News, “I can’t tell you how much this club means to me, I feel like you’re my
family” (Livingston Parish News).

            Kiwanis exceeds any expectations
when it comes to community service. Worldwide there are approximately 600,000
Kiwanis Club members. Kiwanis mainly focuses on kids. With passionate hearts
for kids around the world this club is extremely passionate about to changing
the world for the next generations to come. Fairchild basically explained that
most clubs use the 3-2-1 method which is three hours of community service, two
hours of social activity, and one hour of meeting each month. The Denham
Springs Kiwanis Club well exceeds the standards of community service. Fairchild
said, “We are constantly planning and preparing for service projects. A few
projects we do every year is a Golf Tournament, Math Competition for elementary
school students, Grand Easter Egg Hunt, Lighting of Downtown Denham Springs,
Christmas Parade, and Toys for Tots.”

            The Kiwanis Club is an extraordinary
service club that everyone with a passionate, dedicated heart should join and
become a more proactive citizen in the community. Kiwanis does not only change
the lives of children and members of the community that the club is helping,
Kiwanis always changes the lives of members who are volunteering. The Kiwanis Club
is a great way to meet new people and develop life-long friends. 

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