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Lastly i believe the third best freedom in the amusement is the freedom of assembly. This is probably one of the most important in the first amendment. This freedom is important because it allows people with different beliefs to come to getter to come up with ideas to solve a problem. It also important because if something isn’t right about something it allows people to come together and start a peaceful protest to solve the problem. In 1964 during the Vietnam War people were protesting about the involvement in the Vietnam War and wanted nothing to do with it. We are kind of lucky to have this freedom because not all countries have the freedom to assemble in communist countries like North Korea and China, you can’t go and protest about the government of you will  probably be tossed in prison.This freedom has been used in the past to for a change like the civil rights movement or women’s suffrage groups. All these groups had all agreed that they have the right to assemble.You have the right to participate in Peaceful protest, strikes, meetings, and assemblies. In the article by Former UN Special Rapporteur states”Simply put, these rights protect people’s’ ability to come together and work for the common good. They are a vehicle for the exercise of many other civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights, allowing people to express their political opinions, engage in artistic pursuits, engage in religious observances, form and join trade unions, elect leaders to represent their interests and hold them accountable.”  To me this is a important quote because that this freedom is important to bring people together and they could share their opinion and beliefs with other people without the government word on advice. It also states that you could pursue an interest of something with those beliefs about something. Without this freedom how is America even considered a democracy.

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