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Law and Technology are two of the reasons why the Qin Dynasty became so successful. Even though the law was quite brutal, it made the citizens not wanting to commit crimes. Their technology was advanced, so that helped them to get more money. Which helped them to make even more. They made all sorts of things like Gunpowder and the compass. The Qin Dynasty started around 221 BC – 206 BC. The Law that was used in the Qin dynasty made it successful. The Law may have been very strict but there is a reason why. The emperor thought that all of his citizens were evil, so he made a rule called Legalism. Legalism is a rule when a citizen, or a person commits a crime. You would get punished if you were selfish, if you stole things, did a crime and if you showed disloyalty to your rulers. They give them a tough punishment, the punishments are quite hard.  These are some of the punishments, they would mark a tattoo, they might cut off the nose or a foot or both, they would hit you with bamboo strips and sometimes your punishment could be death. Qin Shi Huang would bury a lot of people alive and burn history books. The emperor burnt the books because didn’t want his citizens to follow the old ways, he wanted them to follow his way. The Qin way, because of this, 600 years of history is gone. The people that he buried were not really special. Some people think they’re Confucian scholars, but they’re actually fortune tellers, Feng Shui masters and voodoo doctors. He buried more than 400 alive, but why did he? It was because the emperor tried to live forever, so he spent a ton to see how he could stay alive forever, but there was basically nothing. The technology that they had made this dynasty very successful. They invented things that we still use today. They had several achievements. They built the Great Wall, which is 8,851 km long. They decided to build a huge army of terracotta warriors, the reason for this is when he died, he wanted to bring all of his soldiers and warriors with him. They also improved this weapon named a crossbow. A crossbow is a weapon kind of like a bow but it shoots faster and is stronger, but it’s heavier. They made the crossbow have better aim, they added special bolts and a scope. A scope is basically a telescope. They also invented a dagger-axe. Which is a dagger and an axe together, so they could swing and hit. One of their most popular inventions is gunpowder. 

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