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Life in a space station might be really hard to us, but not for astronauts. If you live in a space station you will really have fun, but you have to be trained to live in a space station, so you will know what to do. In this research we will learn about how astronauts live in a space station. Specifically, about the I.S.S. According to NASA Johnson, 2007, astronauts work, exercise, and have fun just like us on earth, but in a space station. Astronauts can watch You Tube, play video games, read online book, and other things. They have instruments that makes it easier for them to work in the space station. They also use a treadmill, a hoop, and a harness to exercise. According to ESA kids space station, 1975, astronauts sleep, but in a different way. They also eat and drink many kinds of food and drinks. They can stick their sleeping bags to a wall or ceiling, and sleep wherever they want as long as they do not bump anything. Most astronauts sleep in their own compartment. They get food from ESA’s Automated Transfer Vehicle, or the Russian Progress. Astronauts choose their food before they fly to space. Many kinds of food and drinks are served in the I.S.S such as hot and cold drinks as well as different kinds of sandwiches. According to I.S.S.,2003, astronauts are able to clean their body inside I.S.S. they wear the same things we wear on Earth. They only wear the space suits when they want to go out of the space station. They us a wet towel soaked with body shampoo to clean their body. When astronauts want to clean their faces and hands they either use alcohol or use a towel that has liquid soap in it. I would like to share this interesting fact with you. Did you know that astronauts have kits if anyone of them gets injured? In conclusion, astronauts can do almost all the things we can do on Earth, but in a space station. Astronauts use many instruments to do a lot of activities.

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