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           Lise Meitner. Born on November 7th, 1878 in Vienna, Austria and died October 27th,1992 in Cambridge, England. Meitner lived up to 109 years and had element 109 the heaviest known element in the universe, was named Meitnerium (Mt) in her honor.     In 1938, she (Meitner), along with Otto Hahn, discovered the Nuclear Fission of Uranium,element number ninety two on the periodic table, when it absorbed an extra neutron. Uranium is commonly used in nuclear bomb,specifically, used in “Little Boy” in World War Two which was dropped in 1945 onto Hiroshima, Japan, which had a uranium core. Nuclear Fission splits the atomic nucleus of uranium into two smaller nuclei. She made the discovery in Sweden, after escaping a few months earlier from Nazi Germany.   Meitner was a very intelligent women. Although she never won a Noble Prize ( it was awarded to the man who she collaborated with Otto Hahn). She did win six other awards. To name them they are the Lieben Prize to which she won in 1925, Max Planck Medal in 1949, Otto Hahn Prize in 1955, the ForMemRS also in 1955, the Wilhelm Exner Medal in 1960, and finally the Enrico Fermi Award in 1966. She graduated from the University of Vienna and went into the scientific fields of Physics. She worked in the institutions of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, the University of Berlin, the Manne Seighbahn Labratory and the University Colleve of Stockholm. She was the department head at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. She was also the first woman in the country of Germany to become a full professor in Physics. Sadly due to the time era she lived in she lost these positions because of the Anti Jewish Laws at the time. To leave behind of what has been happening in Germany she left to the country of Sweden, where she lived for many years, also becoming a Swedish citizen.      Meitner was the third of eight children of her jewish family. Her father was one of the first Jewish lawyers. He was also a Chess Master. His name was Philipp Meitner. Lise original name was Elise to which she shortened it to Lise. She also converted into Christianity following the beliefs of Lutheranism at Twenty Nine and got baptized in 1908.       At the time of the era she lived in education for Women stopped at age fourteen. Her brother were allowed to attend a grammar school to prepare for a college education but she was not allowed. Lise stayed at home. Finally after staying quiet for a while she begged her father if she could take a science degree at the University of Vienna. Her father allowed her but told her it wont be easy and to get a teaching qualification first before anything. She started in French and completed it in 1899 at the age of twenty one. Her father was able to afford a tutor for her to prepare her for the entrance exams that the university’s give out to distinguish who goes to what class. Obviously she passed the exam or else I would be doing this project on her most likely.   When World War 2 ended and Meitner found out of what the Nazi have actually done, she decided she never wanted tobe in the country of Germany again. She became a Swedish-Austrian citizen in 1949. She suffered a hip injury. She died at the age of 89 after a second hip injury and one too many trokes Sites Used(1). Lise Meitner| Biography| AtomicArchive.com Lise Meitner| Famous Women in Physical Sciences and Engeneering By University of California at Berkeley Lise Meitner| Jewish Women’s Archive Lise Meitner| Austrian Physicist | Britannica.com Lise Meitner- Biography, facts and pictures-famous scientist Lise Meitner: A Battle for Ultimate Truth

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