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EVR 1001

Jan 17,


David W., et al. “Scale and Cross-Scale Dynamics: Governance and Information in
a Multilevel World.” Ecology and Society, vol. 11, no. 2, 2006,


Annotation #1

In the article “Scale
and Cross-Scale Dynamic: Governance and Information in a Multilevel World “the
authors give us the meaning of Scale and Cross-Scale and how it relates to
relationships in the real world. It also shows us the dynamics of Scale and
Cross-Scale to explain the real-world relationships. The article explains that
a Scale is considered a “spatial, temporal,
quantitative, or analytical dimensions which are used to measure and study
phenomenon.” It also says that there are different levels on the various
scales. These are used as units of analysis that locate different positions of
the scale in question.

The article also explains some challenges that the human
species has when it comes to the dynamics of scales and cross-scales. The
society of humanity has a problem with being ignorant with the
human-environment. Not many people bother with educating themselves on the
importance of the Human-Environment. Humanity also has a problem with
mismatching the decisions being made and the real occurrences around the world.
Plurality is another challenge society has. We do not understand the value of the
scale or cross-scale dynamics.

The article also explained the solutions to these
challenges. Institutional interplay is the first of these solutions. In other words,
it is the combination or overlapping of regimes. Co-management is the plan to
develop an understanding of the intricate multi-related challenges. Boundary or
bridging organizations is the linking of different scales, arenas, or levels
and the facilitation of the co-production of knowledge.

Now that society understands the concept of scale and
cross-scale dynamics we have more resources to better measure the study of
scales. The scales also show that every action is connected somehow by looking
at the scale challenges and seeing the affects. Based on the article however, I
have a better understanding of scale and cross-scale dynamics.

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