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 Making judgements can be a burdensome task to handle. For one thing, you might offend that particular person’s feelings. On the other hand, it can be accurate, and might be the only method to find out more about that person. In this short paper, I will take you through my perspective on what’s the best and worst way to make judgements.       Of course, I never would like to directly issue a judgment on a person, but my school of thought is that based upon their social status, it might just be the best way to make a judgement. For example, if they were part of the lowest class, one might assume that this person is not that privileged as you might be. You might want to go easy on that person, and try to provide him/her with all the things they require. If I were in such a case, I would believe that I need to help these kinds of people because they might have an aptitude that is being squandered just because of their status. On the contrary, let’s suppose a person is of a higher status. Initially, many people might be jealous and make some negative assumptions about that person. I would probably try my hardest to avoid making assumptions, and begin to know that person.   Here, we will now get into what I believe is the worst way to make judgements; by one’s appearance. Everywhere, almost everyday people constantly feel insecure due to the people glaring them down. “Do they think I’m ugly?” or “Why are they looking at me like that, is there something wrong with me?”, might be some questions running through these peoples minds. The truth is that these people might be judging you, and most of these assumptions are probably erroneous. The outer core is just a covering, it’s what’s inside you that counts. Let me prove how much this affects us. A test ran down under by Daniel Hamermesh will show you what I mean. According to his research, he has come up with a conclusion. “Attractive people are likely to earn an average of 3% to 4% more than a person with below-average looks. That adds up to $230,000 more over a lifetime for the typical good-looking person. Even an average-looking worker is likely to make $140,000 more over a lifetime than an ugly worker.” This demonstrates how judging a person can so easily damage our society. Never will I ever look at a person, and conclude  something solely based upon their looks.   Most surely, some people wouldn’t agree with me on the points I have stated, but this is the cycle of life. People won’t agree, but I don’t mind. This is merely my opinion, backed up my some facts. Also to add to that, I don’t really like making judgements at all, this was just representation on how I would make assumptions if I had to. Thank you for having the time, patience, and dedication to read through my opinionated writing.

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