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Moreover, we say that women think with their glands
however this is a biased point since we are completely ignoring the fact that
men also have glands like the male sexual organs. A natural relation has been
created with the male human body and the world that created an objective point
of view of man that identifies woman as an obstruction that is brought down by
its particularity.  Anne Campbell comes
to make the point that recently the modesty and bashfulness of women has been
proven fictional. Furthermore, she affirms that for a man coitus is something
that will allow him to boost his health and strength however for a woman a favourable
reproduction is something more than that. She is responsible and committed for
raising a child from the moment she becomes pregnant. In addition, she makes
the statement that the female is the default sex.1
 Aristotle affirmed that the
identification of a female is brought upon by virtue of a specific absence of
characteristics and that the female nature should be viewed as distressed
having also a natural deficiency. St Thomas used the words ‘imperfect man’ and
‘incidental’ being to describe a woman. 
The autonomy of the female species is disregarded since humanity is
linked with man and thus man presents woman as related to him and not in
herself. De Beauvoir categorises woman as the Other and man as the Subject.2
She explains that the One cannot come into existence without the Other and that
the idea of the Other is primitive. The female species makes up half of the
population but even then femininity is facing a crisis. Women are urged and
encouraged to reflect to the conditions of being a woman, remain and become
women. Definitely, not every female identifies herself as woman and in order to
be a woman, females are meant to fit the criteria of the endangered phenomenon
of femininity. Do the ovaries hide this kind of feature or is it maybe a
Platonic essence?  There are women who
eagerly make attempts to embody this essence however it cannot be absorbed. Simone
de Beauvoir, explains that humanity is manifested by man and that the woman
strays from the path of the human norm by the having the virtue of being a
woman. This implies that women are frequently struggling to find the balance
between humanity and femininity.

Campbell, A. (2013). A mind of her own.

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Levinas, E. (2014). Le temps et l’autre.
Paris: PUF.


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