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Most people
think Mathematics is just another boring subject everybody encounter during
school time. What they missed about it is that in everything we see, there lies
the art of Mathematics.

          Mathematics, as defined by Merriam-Webster
dictionary, is the science of numbers and their operations, interrelations,
combinations, generalizations, and abstractions and of space configurations and
their structure, measurement, transformations, and generalization. In simple
language, it deals with numbers, quantities and shapes of the different
scientific fields determining the relations between specific notion and idea.
Despite of its brain-numbing lessons, Mathematics is important and useful to
the humanity. In fact, it is more important and more useful than a man can
think. It brings computed value of orderliness in our daily life. Since
Mathematics deals with numbers and operations, abstracts and interrelations,
learning it leads to patience and curiosity development. It makes one becomes
reasonable, creative, and spatial and critical thinker. Even in nature, we see
animals use hidden Mathematics. Spider weaving its web, ants’ and bees’
structural hives… these are just examples of Mathematics in nature’s and life’s

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          Integers is one of the fundamental
element of Mathematics. They are set of whole numbers (not a fraction) that can
be positive, negative, or zero. It includes basic operation of addition,
subtraction, multiplication and division, and is customarily taught during
intermediate elementary to junior high school.

          As a Mathematics principle, integer is
also essential. Since it is a Mathematical fundament, it is associated with
other complex Mathematical principle. Integers are part of all Mathematics
branches; algebra, geometry, trigonometry to name some. Also, most scientific
formulas involve integers.

          In everyday life, integers are shown.
Differences in time and ages. In health and lifestyle, weight are usually
computed if one loses weight or gains (overweight; underweight). When riding a
motor, speed should be calculated (over-speeding; under-speeding) to prevent
accident. Music charts shows integers by a song either gaining places
(positive) or dropping down (negative). In stock market, there are indexes for the
markets to indicate how shares have gone that day by either going up or down.
Opposite forces of positive (+) and negative (-) can be seen cell batteries.
History timelines of BC are negatives while AD are positives. If a plane is
above ground level ascending goes positive, taking off descending goes
negative. Altitudes also use integers (above sea level: positive; below sea
level: negative). In accountancy, credits are positive; debits are negative.
When temperature goes hotter, it likely becomes positive (+°), and when it goes
colder, it is negative (-°). Even in sports scoring, particularly golf,
involves integers. In philosophical definition of life, wherein there is high
or low of chances, increase or decrease of opportunities, positive or negative vibes,
integers are everywhere.

          However, people failed to recognize
most of the integers’ application. Most students lack of the conceptual
understanding towards integers. Post-test scores are higher than pre-test
scores, after doing activity-based teaching regarding integers (Rubin,
Marcelino, Mortel, & Lapinid 2014)

          Therefore, this study aims to
determine the level of performance of Grade 7 students of Oriental Mindoro
Academy in solving integers, so applicable measurements might be addressed to
the fore coming results of the study.


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