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La Mission La Mission is a movie whose main characters are a Father named Che Rivera and his son Jes. Che Rivera is a Hispanic father that works as a Bus Driver to support himself and his son. He trys to avoid conssuming alcohol went upset. He is very strong in his believes and is uncomfortable with anything that goes against his believes. He believes that a woman was made for a man and that a man is only ment to be with a woman. Jes is young man that attends Highschool. He is very open minded, respectful tourds his father, and very intelegent. He is about to graduate Highschool and planning to ttend a University right after graduation .

It happens to be that Jes has an American boyfriend who is very sweet and carring. Always there for Jes motivating him to be a great person. Che and Jes live in an older neighborhood where their Apartment was upscaled and the rent went up, very high. The space is very limited leaving no room for extra parking. Leads Che to be somewhat rude with one of his neighbors when being asked to move his car. Che does not know that his son Jes is gay untill he discovers pictures of Jes with his boyfriend. This confuses, hurts and angers Che. Never did he think that his son ould be gay.

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When Che confronts Jess about the situation he becomes verry furiouse and aggressive with Jes. Che throws his son out of his house and fights him outside of the apartments making all the neighbors around, aware that his son Jess is gay. After everyone finds out that Jess is Gay, he is bullied and made fun off by other classmates. Tourds the end of the movie Jess gets shot by one of his bullys and is sent to the hospital. This bring Jes and Che closser together again. Ofcourse, untill Che discovers his sons boyfriend at the hospital. Ones Jes is out of the Hospital he goes straight to see his boyfriend.

Che once again ends up very furiouse with Jess and him choose either he stays with the boyfriend or he leaves with his father. Jess ends up choosing his boyfriend and education. Plot of the story is that Che is very ignorant for not being open to anything that is not part of the way he was raised. He is ignorant by thinking that becuse they are mexican their is nothing else out there for them. Jess broke the familly cycle of believes by being diferent, by wanting to be somene in life without loosing his respect tourds his herritage, humbleness and respect tourds his father. Movie Analysis: La Mission By lizzylizdolly

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