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MT-45 is synthetic opioid that has been available in the EU from around October 2013. It was first produced in the 1970s by a Japanese pharmaceutical company called Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co. who were researching drugs similar to perathiepine and lefetamine when they found it. When it was first made it was actually quite significant because it was very similar to morphine. It has around 80% the potency of morphine. MT-45 is an analgesic drug, meaning it was first produced for reducing pain (painkiller).Companies from all around the world have been producing MT-45. Some companies that have sold the substance are located in Canada, Japan, India, China, and the EU but it appears that China is producing and selling most of it.MT-45 is illegal in UK and Czech Republic. On 11 March 2015 it became a Class A drug in the UK. Illegal drugs are placed into one of 3 classes, A, B or C. They are judged on how much harm they can cause to either the user or people around them. As MT-45 is a Class A drug, it attracts a more severe punishment for crimes involving the drug as it is considered very harmful and unsafe.Small doses (30mg – 50mg) don’t seem to be particularly dangerous for healthy people but combining it with other drugs could be fatal. A number of people have died from combining MT-45 with substances like etizolam, ethanol, pyrazolam, and flubrazolam but due to the lack of knowledge about the drug, any combination could potentially be deadly. Overdosing is also entirely possible as it isn’t known exactly how much is safe. In the case of an overdose, naloxone could help, for most people it can reverse the effects, however, it may take multiple doses to reverse them enough. Based on the deaths that have been reported, MT-45 overdoses (both fatal and non-fatal) can produce the following: Unconsciousness, Coma, Respiratory depression, Tachycardia, Drowsiness, Hypoxia & cyanosis. As of April 2014, Swedish officials reported 21 deaths associated with MT-45.Prior to the early 2010s, MT-45 has been researched very little apart from some tests on animals. After 2013, more and more people have started selling it online, increasing its popularity and releasing more information on its effects. MT-45 does have some pleasant effects like other opioid drugs but it’s not considered the best as the negative effects often outweigh the positive. The drug usually lacks euphoria and other opioids like morphine or heroin can do it better, providing stronger and more positive effects. People report disliking MT-45 so very few actually continue using it regularly, however, you could still get addicted. MT-45 has also been reported to cause hearing loss, even though it isn’t really clear how it causes it, the high number of reports is worrying and should be a concern for anyone using the drug regularly or at high doses. Other serious negative effects include: Hair loss, Itching, Nausea, vomiting, Vision impairment, Dizziness, Muscle twitching, Sweating, Anxiety, Insomnia, Impaired coordination. Overall, the negative effects are really scary and concerning, MT-45 only produces mild opioid effects and, at best, is described as similar to codeine or methadone, it really isn’t worth it.

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