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My interest in business gradually grew as more members of my
family started their own business. This made me want to become more committed
in securing a career within the world of business. For me personally, studying business
management is for my believe, that it will prepare me for a career and not just
a job.


Employment statistics for business graduates are always known
to be strong, especially for individuals like myself, where I am able to think
outside the box and not worry about taking risks and ready to take on new ideas
or business concepts. During my work experience, I learnt what drives a
business to success and how to resolve any barriers which tend to block the
business from growth and making profit while learning how to work under
pressure and meeting deadlines.

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Other reasons for me wanting to study business management is
because I look forward to learning different theories and the skills will not
only prepare me for everyday life in the business environment, but also during
my personal life. I believe that theories are required to operate while
improving operations of a real business in this rapidly changing global
environment. Finally, I believe studying this course will allow me to one day
take my career progression further by opening my own business to help the
society to function and address society’s problems. Taking this course will
allow me to learn all of these and further my personal development.


I am a social person who during my spare time like to spend
it with friends and family, this includes helping out family members within
their businesses. Next to where I currently live, there is a youth centre where
I like to attend the events and help out with the activities for local youths.


Throughout life, I have learnt many skills such as strong
team-work, how to work individually, being organised, making analytical
judgements, people-management, decision making, interpersonal skills, assessing
business situations and identifying important skills. 

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