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My parents are by far the biggest inspiration in my life. Without their perseverance and dedication, I would most likely not be where I am at today. That is why embracing opportunities for personal growth is how I honor the sacrifices that my parents made, as well as to demonstrate to the larger Hispanic community what people with our backgrounds can strive for. I believe that by challenging myself in life I can also help break down the prejudice that my parents faced as foreigners when they first came to the United States. At the same time, I understand that one person acting alone will not have as much of an impact as an entire generation of go-getters but I do however, intend to make the most out of the opportunities I have been given especially after all of the hard work and sacrifices that my parents have made in giving me the opportunity to be the first generation of my family to attend college in the United States. Beginning thousands of years ago, our constitutional history has been led with the guidance and according to the civil rights. Therefore, how we treat and respect others has been one of the primary foundations of American democracy, however, despite this constitutional and moral obligation, modern day anti-Hispanic continue to define who we are due to our race. Together with the struggle of Blacks and other races in search to achieve our basic and equal rights, the Hispanic community has reshaped America – by overall, engaging and building the country more closely aligned with its essential values of liberty and justice for all. As a result, this movement has impacted every aspect of life in the United States – from education to culture, and from labor unions to politics. All in all, very few Americans understand, acknowledge, and respect the contributions of that Hispanics have made in this country. Furthermore, it is my utmost, personal belief that because no other ethnic group has had such great of an impact and redefined America as Hispanics have, Americans should be aware as to who Hispanics really are and what they represent in the United States of America.

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