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My Scary Halloween Blanca had never expected that her day would be one of the worst days of her life. Considering she is only 13, she couldn’t have had that many ‘worst’ days. Her class, 7H, had gone on a geography trip to windfall towers, a huge castle that has been standing for centuries. It was a sunny day but with a lot of wind, and for Blanca wind meant a bad hair day, and a bad hair day means disaster. After spending 10 minutes in the girl’s toilets making sure her hair would stay in place, she followed the queue onto the minibus and off they went.

The journey was short, 15 minutes roughly. Blanca was bright and bubbly; leading her class with her sparkly personality meant everybody liked her. Everyone, that is, except Katie Malden. Walking behind Blanca and her crowd of admirers she felt jealous. “What’s so special about her? ” she muttered to herself. After walking from the car park to the site of Windfall towers, class 7H had full view of what they were visiting. Harry Rich, the class nerd, as people called him, starting going into more detail than needed about the history of Windfall towers, and by no surprise no one was interested.

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According to Mrs. Streams the tower they were visiting was haunted. It was a very old house but a lady had only been living there 7 years when she died. The lady died about 10 years ago when apparently committing suicide after failed attempts at getting help to cure her illness of cancer. She had no husband and had no children so she lived on her own. The reason for living in such a big house was the fact she was rich, and wanted to show off. Before she became ill she was the lady to be jealous of, everyone wanted to be her. Until she died that is. God doesn’t this look scary” Blanca said to one of her friends. “Sure does, I would never want to live there! ” replied her friend. The windows were blank and secretive. Something dark lurked behind them, something horrible. Blanca tensed up, her heart began to beat faster and she stopped and gazed. “What’s wrong? ” asked Mrs. Streams curiously. “There’s nothing to be scared of here! You will be fine, come along. ” The problem was Blanca didn’t know what she was scared of; she had never visited the tower before, only heard one or two stories and was generally excited about visiting the place.

Only Blanca new that something was wrong with this house; everyone else in her class was delighted to be there and couldn’t wait to go inside. The door opened and creaked with every push, cobwebs fluttered around in each corner of the hallway. No one ever goes into Windfall towers, but Mrs. Streams got permission from the council to take a look inside. It was inspected before hand to make sure it was safe. They got the all clear. On the walls were swords and spears, and ancient guns were fastened in cabinets. Everybody was fascinated and asked if they could take a closer look, everybody that is except Blanca.

Miranda, Blanca’s closest friend had always been there for her, and they did everything together, but today Miranda was getting increasingly annoyed with Blanca’s behavior so went off with some other friends. Normally Blanca would mind and get upset, but not today. While everybody was gazing at the guns and swords fastened up on the wall, Blanca were thinking of other things, what mattered to Blanca was the ghostly chill in the air. The chill of something terrible, which the house couldn’t get rid of. This got too much for Blanca she had to get out; she spun round and crashed into Katie. Look out, you brat! ” shouted Katie. The echo flew around the room then vanished. Without saying anything Blanca tried to walk out, but her class had started the tour. She took a deep breath, she’d have to grit her teeth and stick it out, besides it was only half an hour until they could go back to school. Throughout the tour Blanca didn’t listen to anything the teacher said, she was to busy concentrating on what it was that was bothering her, she wondered if anyone else had the same feeling. Just when they were leaving to return to the mini bus, Blanca’s heart froze. WHO IS THAT! ” cried Blanca, her heart missing a beat. Along the corridor to the exit was a big portrait hanging on the wall, a cruel faced looking lady, with long black hair and small sharp eyes stared down at her. “Well that is Lady Bella, the lady who lived here long ago and died, remember me telling you about her? ” replied Mrs. Streams Just as well they were leaving at that moment, otherwise Blanca wouldn’t have been able to cope, she began to sweat and panic she didn’t know what was happening to her and needed to get out. When class 7H returned to school it was home time.

Blanca normally walks home with Miranda but today Miranda left without her. It was 3pm and the sun was hot. The wind had stopped blowing from earlier. When Blanca got home the TV was already switched on for her and a plate of cookies waited on the kitchen table. Blanca felt so much better, being in the comfort of her own home. But she still had the horrible thoughts of what came across her earlier in the day. She wouldn’t let it rest. She rang Miranda, said sorry for being a bit off with her at school and persuaded her to go with her back to Windfall Towers.

Considering the events that happened that day, Blanca was being incredibly brave to go back inside that place, especially with no adult supervision. Blanca lied and told her mom that she was spending the night at Miranda’s, so they could both go to the tower in the evening. Miranda also lied and told her mom the opposite story, saying she was at Blanca’s. As they were good friends neither mom thought this was suspicious and agreed to let there daughters sleep at each others. But what they didn’t know was they weren’t going to be sleeping anywhere tonight.

The clock struck 5pm and Blanca and Miranda caught the bus to Charley way, opposite the site of Windfall towers. It was summer, so it was still very bright out; they had plenty of time to take a proper look around. Blanca told Miranda everything, the feelings she felt before and why she wanted to go in again. Miranda wasn’t sure. “Are you positive you want to go in again? ” said Miranda with a concerned look on her face. “Yes, I have to otherwise ill never know what went on all those years ago. ” She replied. The door was still open from the class trip, so they both went inside.

Second time round wasn’t so bad, as they recognized the cobwebs and dust flying around the hallway. As Blanca didn’t listen on the tour she didn’t know where she was going and what room had in it, so she tried the door closest to her. Everything seemed ok, when suddenly the door slammed shut. “Miranda watch what your doing will you! ” said Blanca gazing at Miranda “Huh? The door wasn’t even open! It was gently resting against the door frame. I didn’t do anything! ” she replied with a stutter to her words. Blanca ran to the door to open it.

But it was stuck, reaching the handle she tried to turn it with shaking fingers. She twisted it, pulling hard. The door just wouldn’t move. Blanca couldn’t believe it. Franticly trying to pull it open she let out a huge sigh. “Miranda what on earth are we going to do, I told you something was wrong with this house! ” said Blanca trying to keep calm. “Try the windows? ” replied Miranda stuck for words. The only windows where all boarded up. There was no way they would be able to escape. The room they went into was big, but not empty.

Blanca thought that if the house had been empty for so long, why would the room be filled with so much stuff. She tried to think. Did class 7H actually visit this room on the tour? Or was it Blanca’s first discovery. Miranda agreed with her on this one. They didn’t visit that room because it had a sign saying no entry, but it must have been knocked off when all the children were running past. There was a big desk in the middle of the room. One side was clear, the other had paper work and notes. Blanca didn’t know if she should go over there, she was already scared enough.

She took a breath closed her eyes and took a step forward. She stepped into a puddle. She looked up to see a small hole filled with sunlight, but dripping with water. It wasn’t raining outside though. Mirada told Blanca not to worry it was probably just damp from the night before. She carried on until she got to the desk. She couldn’t believe what she saw. Photos were layed out on the desk. But they weren’t any old photos. They were photos of Lady Bella, and a man dressed in black. Blanca couldn’t control her feelings and let out a scream. “What is it Blanca are you ok” shivered Miranda coming closer. No Miranda im not, look at this, oh my god what do we do” she stuttered back. In the photos Lady Bella was lying face down on the floor with a rope around her neck, the man in black standing near. That wasn’t all. There were at least a dozen photos all with Lady Bella in. she was certainly dead alright. But it wasn’t suicide. It was murder. “We have to get out of here quick, before someone comes in, look see this room is tidy, not as many cobwebs is there that means someone must come in here often. ” Said Blanca trying to piece information together. “Yes that’s all very well, but how do we get out! shouted Miranda getting more and more worried. Blanca stepped away from the photos, they were making her sick. She tried to find other pieces of paper with any clues on. There was none. Blank sheets of paper were clustered on the floor, and a typewriter near by. “You think if I write an email my mom will get it? ” said Blanca to Miranda. “Are you serious? Don’t you realize a typewriter can’t do that! ” replied Miranda trying not to laugh but at the same time trying not to cry. Miranda tried the door again; even though it was still stuck it was looser than it was before.

They tugged and pulled, twisted and turned the handle until there hands hurt. When all of a sudden a loud noise was heard. Footsteps became louder and louder and sounded as if they were walking towards the room Blanca was in. With a gush of wind the door flew open and a man dress in black walked in. With her eyes closed and hands clasped together Blanca begged that he left them alone and it was a mistake them being there. Without thinking she grabbed Miranda and tried to run. The man stopped them and stared them both in the eyes. He looked dangerous and Blanca began to cry. You’re a murderer why did you do it! ” cried Blanca struggling to get free. “Say anything else and two girls will be added to the list” he replied in a deep husky voice. Five minutes of trying to break free and crying, Blanca’s heart lightened. She could hear her and Miranda’s mom shouting out for them. “Blanca…Miranda where are you! ” shrieked her mom sounding worried. Miranda’s mom had rang Blanca’s house to see if Miranda had remembered to take her inhaler just before her dinner. But as both girls lied, neither of them were at Blanca’s house, so both mom’s panicked and rang around places.

Being a friend of Mrs. Streams Blanca’s mom called her to see if they had gone to school that day. “Yes indeed they were in school, but now I think of it, Blanca did seem a little distracted on the visit to Windfall towers, didn’t seem with it at all” Mrs. Streams said to Blanca’s mom on the phone. Without a second thought she went to Miranda’s house picked up her mom and they went straight to Windfall towers. Running through the open doors they could see the man standing in the doorway, there daughters held tight in his arms. “Let them go, please!

Leave them alone” cried Blanca’s mom not knowing what to do. Miranda’s mom on the other hand used to do karate as a teenager, but still had the moves to prove it. So without fearing her own safety she charged up to the man and gave him what he deserved. Blanca and Miranda ran free but her mom was still fighting him. He was strong with a lot of muscle; it was easy to see she was having difficulty. Blanca’s mom rang the police and they were soon there. As each window had been boarded up there was nowhere the man in black cold hide, so he was caught. Miranda’s mom was taken to hospital but was fine.

She just suffered from shock after the ordeal. Blanca was grounded for two weeks and was told she will never be trusted again and that her mom was very hurt by the way she lied. Those words were a bigger punishment than any Blanca thought, and was very sorry. She just had to find out what was lurking behind those dark doors at Windfall towers, and what made her stomach turn upside down on the visit. The man was in fact called Thomas Harvey, a 45 year old builder; he was arrested on suspicion of murder then found guilty two weeks later. He is now serving life in prison.

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