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My interest in Social
Work blossomed through the amazing guidance of my high school social worker and
mentor Imani Hennie. Imani had witnessed my struggle through overcoming
multiple transitional age challenges and unique barriers as a first generation
Canadian and woman of colour. As a teenager I didn’t have many people to confine
in about my life, my parents had sacrificed all their time in ensuring that
they provided my siblings and I with the basic necessities to live. I am
grateful for Imani because she was my supportive ear in times of my teenage
crisis; she consistently reminded me of my maturity, resilience and inner
strength. Imani’s professional integrity and person-centered approach to
service demonstrated to me the value of social workers in society. Her service persuaded
me to pay it forward and obtain my diploma in social services focusing on immigrant
and refugee issues and policies.

 The first semester of college, I was enrolled
in Diversity Awareness and Practice course which detailed how systemic barriers
shape people’s access to political, social, material, human rights and personal
resources. The course assisted in opening my eyes to the social injustices of
unmerited privileges and the importance of anti-oppression practice and
self-awareness. The course taught me a lot about the world and about myself; it
affirmed my interests to build in the social services profession and to take on
the rewarding and challenging duty of advocating for equity and change.

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Since graduating college, I have developed a keen
interest in mental health case management. Through completing a mental health
peer support worker certificate course and an applied suicide intervention
training I’ve developed a knowledge of applying a person centred approach  These courses helped me perform my role of
providing one-one peer support to with the City of Toronto’s Community Healing


My volunteer and training experience
with the City of Toronto’s Community Healing Project helped me develop a keen
interest in mental health case management. I led activities and conversations
about mental wellness, trauma, healing, and self-care with a group of most vulnerable
youth between the ages of 13-29. 

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