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?nd?a’s reta?l
market ?s expected t? gr?w at a C?mp?und Annual Gr?wth Rate (CAGR) ?f 10 per
cent t? US$ 1.6 tr?ll??n by 2026 fr?m US$ 672 b?ll??n ?n 2017. Wh?le the ?verall
reta?l market ?s expected t? gr?w at 12 per cent per annum, m?dern trade w?uld
expand tw?ce as fast at 20 per cent per annum and trad?t??nal trade at 10 per
cent. ?nd?an reta?l market ?s d?v?ded ?nt? “?rgan?sed Reta?l Market” wh?ch ?s
valued at $60 b?ll??n wh?ch ?s ?nly 8 per cent ?f the t?tal sect?r and “Un?rgan?sed
Reta?l Market c?nst?tutes the rest 92 per cent ?f the sect?r.

?nd?a’s Bus?ness t?
Bus?ness (B2B) e-c?mmerce market ?s expected t? reach US$ 700 b?ll??n by 2020. ?nl?ne
reta?l ?s expected t? be at par w?th the phys?cal st?res ?n the next f?ve

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?nd?a’s t?tal p?tent?al
?f Bus?ness t? C?nsumer (B2C) ?s est?mated t? be US$ 26 b?ll??n, ?f wh?ch $3 b?ll??n
can be ach?eved ?n the next three years fr?m 16 pr?duct categ?r?es, acc?rd?ng t?
a study by Federat??n ?f ?nd?an Chambers ?f C?mmerce and ?ndustry (F?CC?) and
?nd?an ?nst?tute ?f F?re?gn Trade (??FT).

?nd?a has replaced
Ch?na as the m?st pr?m?s?ng markets f?r reta?l expans??n, supp?rted by expand?ng
ec?n?my, c?upled w?th b??m?ng c?nsumpt??n rates, urban?z?ng p?pulat??n and gr?w?ng
m?ddle class.

?nd?a ?s expected t?
bec?me the w?rld’s fastest gr?w?ng e-c?mmerce market, dr?ven by r?bust ?nvestment
?n the sect?r and rap?d ?ncrease ?n the number ?f ?nternet users. Var??us agenc?es
have h?gh expectat??ns ab?ut gr?wth ?f ?nd?an e-c?mmerce markets. ?nd?an e-c?mmerce
sales are expected t? reach US$ 120 b?ll??n by 2020 fr?m US$ 30 b?ll??n ?n
FY2016. Further, ?nd?a’s e-c?mmerce market ?s expected t? reach US$ 220 b?ll??n
?n terms ?f gr?ss merchand?se value (GMV) and 530 m?ll??n sh?ppers by 2025, led
by faster speeds ?n rel?able telec?m netw?rks, faster ad?pt??n ?f ?nl?ne serv?ces
and better var?ety as well as c?nven?ence.

?nd?a’s d?rect sell?ng
?ndustry ?s expected t? reach a s?ze ?f Rs 23,654 cr?re (US$ 3.54 b?ll??n) by
FY2019-20, as per a j??nt rep?rt by ?nd?a D?rect Sell?ng Ass?c?at??n (?DSA) and
?nd?an exp?rts ?f l?cally made reta?l and l?festyle pr?ducts grew at a CAGR ?f
10 per cent fr?m 2013 t? 2016.

The s?ze ?f m?dern
reta?l ?n ?nd?a ?s expected t? d?uble t? Rs 171,800 cr?re (US$ 25.7 b?ll??n) fr?m
Rs 87,100 cr?re (US$ 13 b?ll??n) ?n three years dr?ven by ?mn?-channel reta?l. 

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