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 Nettles is one of my favorite muggle plants from the Harry Potter book due to how benificiall it can be for us humans.  Its scientific name is Urtica Dioica,  was initially found in the cooler areas of northern Europe, Asia and the United States. Presently stinging brambles can be found in numerous regions of the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. The stinging weed thrives in calm atmospheres where it can get ample daylight. The plants are ordinarily found along waterways, lakes and streams. Notwithstanding, they survive well in territories that have been liable to human demolition, for example, in trench, along rail street tracks, at the edge of woods, in surrendered cultivate fields and in discharge parts. They are regularly ample in these zones due to the high nitrogen levels in the dirt abandoned from waste and known to develop well in numerous areas as long as they have enough supplements, daylight and dampness; along these lines they are contemplated by numerous to be a weed. The plants start to develop in late-winter and keeps on flourishing until the last snow of the year ( bioweb).     Many root frameworks such as Urtica have a vertical taproot, and additionally various steep roots that run pretty much on a level plane. The root framework keeps the plant in soil assimilating water and particles from the dirt, conducts water and selecting particles to the shoot, acquires vitality as sugar from the shoot, and stores material delivered in the shoot for later utilize. Fundamentally, the plant’s body harvests broadcast assets and gathers them in cells and tissues. The structure of its body is dynamic, due the fact that most plants display interdeterminate growth meaning they develop throughout their lives. The root and shoot frameworks both capacity in assimilation of water and key particles, or of light, individually. Aborption takes place over a surface. In any case, the cells that utilize molecules and light possess a volume. In this manner, the plant body of Urtica Dioica  is more proficient as an assimilation and combination machine when it has a vast surface zone in respect to its volume.The root demonstrates a lot of phenotypic versatility, implying that its frame is alterable, contingent upon conditions. It effectively develops into territories of soil where assets are ample. In areas where resources are limited the root tends to stop growing or dies. The shoot framework is a repetitious arrangement of hubs, internodes, leaves, and apical axillary buds. As the plant develops, the quantity of hubs, internodes and leaves increments. After an underlying time of development, notwithstanding, an internode does not expand much long over a period of time. The shoot framework consists of a few stems, which are vertical over the ground structures. The stem consists of nodes , where leaves are connected, and internodes, or portions between hubs. The hubs where leaves append to the stem are the lateral buds, which shape simply over the site of leaf connection. Because the plants shoot system continues to grow over the course of its lifetime, it can respond to changes in environmental conditions just like the root system can. The plant’s shoot system grows in directions that maximize its chances of capturing light. The majority of photosynthesis occurs in the part of the shoot system we call the leaves. In netlles auxiliary development builds the width of the plant body. Enabling it to build the amount of directing tissue that is available in order to provide structural support required for an essential development. 

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