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 Nowadays we live in a rapidly developing world. The process of global globalization and technological development has presented us with a great amount of ways of getting new information.  Obviously, the invention of the Internet has made the most significant contribution to this process back in the last decade of the 20th century. Due to this technological shift, almost every single person all around the glob can get access to almost any kind of information thanks to only a couple of clicks in the Internet browser. This has also had a great positive impact on the efficiency of education and professional development of people. On the other hand, a lot of old fashioned ways of sharing information are used more and more rarely. For instance, reading newspapers is being almost totally substituted with reading articles in social network or on websites of famous and trusted news agencies. This might be caused by the fact that due to the variety of sources, a lot of false information is shared. Newspapers are not an exception. Thus, people are obsessed with looking for most trustful sources, which they consider to be the Internet. Moreover, this way is much more convenient and quick. What about watching TV, we have a quite similar story. Watching movies and shows this way is also rapidly becoming old fashioned, since you can find nearly every single favorite show on the Internet and watch it at any suitable time. What is more, information, given through news programs, is also becoming less and less trustful. Despite the variety of information sources on TV, people prefer the ones from the Internet due to their independence.In my opinion, there is no way to work out a way to stop this process. Technologies seem not to stop developing. Moreover, due to the globalization process more and more ways of getting information are appearing. Hence, I am pretty sure that one day both TV and newspapers will totally get lost in the history.

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