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with the growing power of musicians on our society, protest songs can be the
best thing coming out of artists, who influence the way we act and think. But
protest songs are not new. We have two great examples of how protest songs should
be done. Those are: Kendrick Lamar “Alright” and Bob Dylan “Blowing in the

songs use a lot of rhetorical questions which demonstrates an attempt of
talking to the public, in order for them to get the message that the artists
are trying to pass on: in Bob  Dylan´s
case the attitude against war; in Kendrick´s case the attitude against racism .

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amount of repetitive words present in both songs also is one of the main
characteristics of the way they tried to spread their ideas. The answer for the
problems raised in the songs is always delivered with the same sentence but not
with the same meaning.

Dylan answer to all of the problems is basically none, just because there is no
answer, which indicates lack of faith in change, while in Kendrick Lamar case,
is answer to all of the problems has the same value as Bob Dylan´s, but it is
shared in a much more positive way which indicates a lot of confidence in the

songs should be treated as treasures, just because of their capacity to
represent the problems that our society has to go through all of the time.

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