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   On the basis of Epoch Times, a 4 years old girl who studying in Glory Kindergarten was dragged onto a bus by an unknown middle-aged woman while she was out of school with her grandma. Fortunately, her grandma shouted and restrained it immediately. To prevent the same type of incident occurred. First, as school to be informed a student suspected of being kidnapped, team leader of school crisis management team should follow reliable way like student’s parents or caregiver and the police to verify the information and collect the basic information of student from the teachers who are familiar with the student, so as for the follow up work afterwards. Then, school principal shall notify to the school supervisor, as well as the heads of the Regional Education Offices of the incident, so that the ERB can arrange appropriate support, such as dispatch an educational psychology to provide supporting or counseling for children and parents. Furthermore, the team leader needs call on urgent School Crisis Management Team meeting. In reference to the collected information of the case, notify and clarify the authenticity of the information obtained by other ways to principle and other team members, as much allocate each work to different teammate during the meeting. After that, community liaison member and school social worker go to liaise with outside agencies for support, such as The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong or Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service to provide immediate emotional counseling and follow-up counseling services. Next, staff liaison member and principal call on all- staff meeting and conduct debriefing. The purpose is to explain all happenings to all staff in the school, to answer their inquiries about the incident and also to illustrate the contingency plans prepared by the School Crisis Management Team. After the preparation for crisis management is completed, school should report the incident to students and parents. Thereby reduce the chances of spreading rumors or making specious between parents and students. Therefore school principal, class teacher, parent liaison member, school social worker and educational psychologist have to supply different require to support students and parents, for example to teach the students hold up with their parents or caregivers when they are go to school or return home, do not walk alone, so as to avoid increasing the chances of strangers abduction of children. In addition to remind parents when they take their children to the park, must keep their child in sight and do not let strangers take care of their children, even if the time is short. Further, teacher must identify the identity of parents and caregivers, so they are able to pick up the children from the school. Added to the above, school principal ought to prepare a press conference to interpret and justify the incident, because silence cannot stop the mass media to release inaccurate new. For the press conference, principal must send a clear mind and admirable spokesman illuminate what happened and reply to all media inquiries. Besides, the locations of press conference should be far away from students to affecting students and also the most important is to identify the identity of journalist. At the end of it, team leader would have review on the crisis plan and plan follow-up actions, and also conduct on evaluation of the effectiveness of the crisis management, namely to review the arrangements for handling the crisis and its effectiveness, identify the further support and discuss short-term as well as long-term follow-up plan and collect the opinions and analyze from all teammates by questionnaires, so that to improve the contingency measures.

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